9 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important to Study as a Career

The reason why should you study digital marketing in this digital era of advancing technology can't be overemphasized as the world advancing in terms of technology. Nearly everyone is using digital technology this days for online activities.

why you should study digital marketing

The reasons why digital marketing is important to study in this digital era of advancing technology can’t be overemphasized as the world advancing in terms of technology.

Nearly everyone is using digital technology this days for online activities.

According to a research and statistics by on digital marketing channels worldwide 88% globally uses websites, 83% of people uses social

 publishing/advertising channels, 82% uses Email marketing channels, 79% uses display/banner ads, 72% uses mobile app worldwide.

In addition to this, also 72% uses customers communities, 69% uses mobile messaging, while 67% covers search engine marketing,

with video marketing cover 66% of all users of digital channels over the internet.

Furthermore the most growing digital marketing channels as of 2021 is Email marketing around 319.6 billions of email sent and received across the world.

with these few statistics, this shown the ever increasing in digital marketing channels as a result of the global rise in technology.

So this make many organizations and individuals to take the advantage of this digital channels like google ads, facebook, etc. 

For marketing their business products and services to their target audiences to both local and Interntional audiences.

Therefore, this article will explain reasons why digital marketing is important to study, and reason why you should study digital marketing as

 a career, with some digital marketing career types you can choose from to kick-start your career in Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

The basic concepts of marketing has been about connecting and meet with the right audience at a right time and place that is the traditional form of marketing. 

However you can meet this right audience on the internet since most of them spend  much of their time online through digital channels.

Digital marketing can also be called online marketing or internet marketing, is simply refers to any marketing efforts to reach out to many target audience on the internet who might likey have interest in your business offers.

Digital marketing has expand to almost every digital channels of communication or devices mainly through the laptops, computers or smartphones.

The advertisement that shown on various sites we login to are all forms of digtal marketing.

Hence, Having the right study of digital marketing and its strategist from a reputable institution or online courses that enhances practical training is best ways of study digital marketing when aspiring a career in digital marketing fields.

Therefore, let dicsuss the reason why you should choose and study digital marketing as a career in the next section of this bogpost.

Reason you should of study digital marketing as a career

1.It improve your global reach

Traditional marketing is only restricted to a limited geographical area but creating an international campaign marketing can be somehow difficult,expensive and labour intensive.

However, digital marketing without any geography restriction like traditional marketing happens over the internet, this mean you can reach a lot of audiences with a digital marketing strategies.

In the same way, a very local and small business which implement digital marketing strategy has the ability to reach many international audience with a website and online store.

But with traditional marketing that can never be possible or else it would cost a whole lot of money carry out traditional marketing to reach your global audience online.

There as you as aspiring your career in digital marketing, it  will opened many explore and growth opportunity for your career and business.

2. It also covers a local reach

Global reach is an important factor of your digital marketing career, it also enhace your local visibility to your local audience, which is extremely important for career and business if you nearly relies on local customers.

This is when local SEO and local targeted ads can be of useful for your digital marketing career and companies in order to brings in more customers to your door steps.

Obviously, think of the reach you will get with a lot of your neighborhood when you study digital marketing with your career than the reach you will get in traditional marketing that will cost a lot of money to print out flyers for global distribution.

3. It saves you a low cost

Digital marketing cover a low cost, whether you are promoting your business locally or globally.

Digital marketing provides your career with an effective and low cost solutions.

Also, digital marketing even allow the smallest company to compete with many larger companies by using an high targeted strategies than your competition.

Most digital marketing strategies is at low cost to start with such as SEO, Socialmedia, content marketing and

 even email marketing that is why you need to learn digital marketing skills for the purpose of implementing this

digital marketing strategies for your career growth.

Though, most form of digital marketing might be suitable for every career and business while some digital marketing fields may even cost more than the others fields.

4. Digital marketing is easy to study

There are many digital marketing aspects you can start from if you decide to learn it and it very easy to get started with as a career.

Digital marketing get more complex as you proceed in your digital marketing journey as a career base from the nature of your goals and the scale of your digital campaigns.

In order to succeed in your career in digital marketing, you need to find the right strategy that will work for you and your business.

5. Effective Targeting with your audience

Moreover, digital marketing will enables you to have a clear idea of your target audience if you don’t know how to get the idea.

It will enables you extract some data to see which audiences will work best for your career and business so that you will optimize your campaign with such data.

 Not to mention few, there are many options you can adopts to target your audience such as keywords through

 search engine optimization(SEO), pay-per-click and also through demographic information you can on social media.

This targeting elements of your audiences data will enable your campaign to reach the right audience, so this will helps you to analyze the likely change of your audience behavior by modifying your campaign for such changes of your audiences.

Prior to the understanding of your customers changing needs is a definite way to the overall success of studying digital marketing straategies for your career and business

6. It enables multiple strategies at once

There are many different digital marketing strategies you can incorporated into your business and career journey that can be used with different types of businesses.

For instance a  Business to Business Company that have interest in generating an international leads which surely have different strategies to reach their target audiences than a business to customers which reaches it local audiences with  just a word of mouth marketing or with just a few strategies.

On the other hand, some company can also benefits from content marketing and SEO efforts to reach out to their target audiences easily.

While others company benefits from conversion ads campaigns, It all depends on which strategies work out best for your brands.

They major things is to always analyze the results of your marketing strategies and develop a conscious tactics and different strategies you use to carry out your campaigns.

As I have said earlier, An executed and well defined digital marketing strategies is such that changes based on the change in audiences behavior to adapts quickly with the goals of the business.

Hence here are of the common and different types digital marketing you an choose from for your career and business.

So as to align with the latest digital marketing trends.

  • SEO and content based creation
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Social media marking
  • Social paid ads
  • Video Marketing
  • Forum engagement marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local search or local  SEO
  • Remarketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Information marketing
  • Mobile Marketing and even
  • Affiliate Marketing

7. Digital Marketing  allow you create different content types

The most crucial advantage of choosing digital marketing as a career is that is allow you to showcase your brand with different types of content.

There are a lot of platforms that is available for different range of content that you can choose in order to keep your brand refreshing through effectives digital marketing campaign.

While unlike  the traditional forms of marketing  where you can reproduce one content to different platforms as many as you want in order to keep your brand flourishing.

Therefore  there many types of content you can choose either for your or brand.

Below here are some of the common types of contents available that you can from depending on your marketing strategy.

Types of contents for digital marketing study

  • A blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Emailers
  • Quizzes
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • white papers
  • visual content
  • social media posts
  • webinars

8. It Helps to increase your Engagement

Following the advantages of digital marketing for a career in that it helps to increased engagement.

Normally digital marketing is meant to be highly engaging with your audiences.

Users can engage with his audiences through the sharing of blog post, photo, saving video  etc.

You can also engage with your website visitor through a paid ads to to generate traffic to your website by ad click.

The most important of it all is the all these campaigns can be tracked and measured than just a mere campaign to drive traffic and engagements.   

In the meantime, after these actions have been tracked, it will enable you to create more engaging contents and posts to increase your brand awareness or boost your sales.

So the more you engage with your audience online, the more loyal your comes will be to your brand.

Using an engaging format with effectives digital strategies will create an easier time of converting your cold traffic into more loyal audiences and customers.

9. It helps you to Analyse and optimize your campaign

One of  the benefits of digital marketing is the web analytics which helps to measures the results of your overall digital marketing campaign in real-time.

In order to measured the performance of your campaigns.

For this purpose, this helps in optimizing your future campaign with the aim of fixing any mistake quickly.

In addition analyzing of digital marketing campaigns will enables you to have the overview of all your traffic source and to make a control of your sales funnels in according to your business goals.

Why you should Choose Digital marketing as a career

Digital marketing is an ever increasing demand skill as digital marketer, it provides a lot of opportunities for many professionals that is looking forward to the field of digital marketing.

The first thing you have to do if you are one them that are looking forward into the field is that you need to understand that digital marketing fields is  very versatile and wide field.

And there many field to jump start your career with like coders, graphic designers, Data science professionals, video editors etc.

This can make a drastic change to your digital marketing careers if choose wisely.

Therefore, as a digital marketers you will use many digital marketing channels to reach out to your customers in order to promote sales, products and services.

In reality, digital marketer roles involves the developments of multi-channels strategies and

 communication tactics for your organization with the sole aim of targeting consumers directly or indirectly.

For you to become an effective digital marketers, you need a degree and skills in marketing and

 communication, web development, graphics design, copywriting are preferred amongst those skills needed by digital marketers.

This is achieve through a thorough study of digital marketing for your career growth.

Also you can decide to specialize in this skillset like SEO and SEM that will help your business to achieve its goals.

In addition there are chances that you can easily get an high paying digital marketing job with your skills.

What are the Top Digital Marketing Careers

A prospective Digital Marketer who wants to venture into digital marketing career if not gotten experience will generally start as a junior digital marketing roles like the digital marketing assistant.

He/she will then progress into an experiences digital marketing role within two to five years.

In short the are some major role in digital marketing that you can start with;

Top Digital Marketing Careers 

A prospect starting a digital marketing career after many period of study digital marketing will definitely start as junior roles like digital marketing assistant until he/she get an experience within two or five years.

Then he/she will be progress into experienced roles.

Major roles in digital marketing field you can work as after some years of studying digital marketing are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • SEM/PPC expert
  • Web developer/designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer

Thus, there are also many other digital marketing roles which depend on each organizations and industries such as the CRM Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Analytics Manager, Digital Agency Account director, E-Commerce Manager.

However, in order to be effective in digital marketing field you need a thorough study of digital marketing as the major reason for employment as a digital marketing agency.

After a while, you can adopt the digital marketing strategies, if you decide to run business sector and organization for the benefits of digital marketing for your business growth and development.

In order to fulfil your brand’s goal through various digital channels.

check also here: For benefits of digital marketing for your business growth and development in ever-increasing uses of digital channels and platforms worldwide.

Frequency Ask Questions

Why digital marketing is the future?

Digital marketing is surely the future, especially for marketing as the world is going viral in terms of technology.

This enables many users of digital channels spend most times using the internet for one purpose to another.

Also, you need to put extra effort and time to fully understand the core aspects of your business and how it will work for you in this global trends of digital technology.

Meanwhile for you to be effectives in digital markeing career, there is need for your business clients to trust you for effectives marketing.

The is major reason why digital is the future of any business or organization trying to reach out to many customers, most especially on the internet.

Using digital marketing business build trust and transparency in their conversation with their clients through digital channels like social media,Email etc. in oder to achieve their business goals and satisfy their customers.

With the help digital marketing strategies, you can target many audiences to for products and services delivery even in a small places you can reach larger audience worldwide with the helps of digital marketing.

Therefore, this the possibility of what digital marketing can offer and also that is why digital marketing will always be the future of every maketing for business worldwide for more opportunities for your business growth.

Reason why digital marketing is the future of every business

It is cost effectives

This is made possible by the internst marketing agencies that offer PPC management, Adword services and management with a wide range of a powerful digital management strategies to generate highest conversion rate.

It is more cost effective than traditional means of marketing, and also enable you to measure the success of your campaign daily and fit it where necessary.

So need of physical deployment of people to promote your business.

Wide future coverage

Digital marketing cover wide range of audiences and places through the offering of vwriety tools to promote your business.

Either from a content marketing strategies to social media marketing.

For instance using Google ads, facebook business ads, instagram and Twitter ads to promote your business and your blogs.

Digital maketing cover a wide range to reach a larger audience than traditional marketings, so as target the exact prospects and audiences interesting to buy your products and services.


In order to interact with your customers and audience both now and in the future, this can be done with digital marketing platforms.

It helps the business in the future to also helps them identify their prospective customer’s need effectively, in oder to buildstrust and a sense of uniqueness of their with their customers.

This platforms form everyday part of business life and business will not to the opportunity of enagaging with their customers, 

for the purpose of  markeing planning and ideas to represent their brand more with their customers in the future with digital marketing.

Which digital marketing is best?

Digital marketing is advertising on the internet, it is also done by many small business owners who invest money on online advertising campaign whcich gives them a proven results from their online marketing.

Many businesses who found the best and the most effectives digital marketing techniques because their businesses experience a huge success from their suitable online marketing campaigns.

The Most Effective Digital Marketing Techniques.

Hence below are some of the best digital marketing techniques through effective study of digital marketing for small and large business for the achievement of your business objectives.

Paid search advertising

This is any form of media for displaying ads.

These are pay-per-click that allows you to pay for every click that is performed on your ads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important digital marketing techniques, It is considered as most part of the powerful media for advertising through the internet.

As a matter of facts, you can take the advantage of email marketing campaign for the success of your business.

The major factors for a successful email marketing campaign depend of your marketing strategy and communication to your target audiences.

Therefore an excellent email marketing campaigns are majorly builds on relationship with your clients and customers with an advantage of offering values like free reports, excellent tips,newsletter, white papers and othes.

Email marketing take time to be and lt is rewarding and profitable, so make sure you builds a good email lists of your Audience by putting more efforts and have time and patience for better results.

Search Engine Optimization

This the better way of getting free avert online with search engine optimation. If this digital marketing is master very well, it can bring a huge and increase in your site traffic.

Hence SEO is therefore about optimizing your website for search to get ranking on search engines using relevant keywords.

The more relevant these keywords are, the better the ranking of your website on search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very necessary for all sites especially an ecommerce sites, for engagements with your customers and audiences using various social media platforms.

The most common and the most used social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tik tok and Pinterest.

Video Marketing

The most powerful means of distributing video over the internet is YouTube. On of the advantage of Youtube is the massive exposure of your advertisement using the Youtube ads to advertise your products and services on your ecommerce store  and other businesses.

Hence you can create a compelling videos or any visual information and distribute them using Your Youtube channels.

Another facts about using Youtube is that you can host Google Hangout to interacts with your customers and clients by answering their questions live, in order to deepen your engagements. The prevlidge about it is that it has no limitation usage.

Why digital marketing is better than traditional?

The important of marketing cannot be overemphasized in business, there a lot of means to get the audience attention. 

So marketing is one of such means, as it helpd in capture people’s attention.

There are two methods of marketing, one is traditional whichhas been existed before the ages and the other is digital marketing that just got into existence within few years ago.

The two forms of marketing are goods, in oder to just why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, let consider them with their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

To determine whether or not traditional marketing is the best for your business, 

let look at some of its pros and cons.


  • It helps to captured older demographic since most older audiences 50 years plus spend much times on newspaper and watching TV as compared to 18Years plus.
  • This marketing strategy work best for business that are more focus on building much local audience.
  • Small business can be competing for attention through billboards, flyers and events than to  compete for digital spaces for grabbing larger businesses.
  • Adverts on TV or radio communication can be play multiple time to your audiences unlike digital marketing where an audiences can skip through an ads by “clicking I don’t want to see this” on digital channels.

Cons of traditional marketing

  • The printing of poster card to send to the local audience can be expensive.
  • There is no assurance that the audiences will have interest in your products and services you offer them.
  • It can take weeks, months or even years to yield results.
  • The results can’t be tracked and measured.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies are evolving with new trends of Technology like the social media usage, voice search.

This uses the latest and modern tactics of marketing where traditional marketing thrives to functions but it doesn’t.


  • The data of the audience can be measure and track.
  • The engagements of your audience like clicking on a link, reads an emails, following you on your social media can allbe track easily and instantly.
  • It helps to draw numerous insight from your audience data such as which types of content your audience like most.
  • It determine which mediums are more effectives to your brand and the exact time of you receive the best engagements from your audiences daily.
  • Digital marketing strategies enable a lower cost. Using email to send out campaign saves a lot of money than the cost of printing postcards.
  • It really work well for more audience globally because of the wide coverage of digital marketing scope.


It give rooms for internet users to block ads using the ad blockers. So that they woundn’t see any banner ads or pop-ups ads.

On the other hand ads can be skipped or removed when using the premium services like spotify, hulu and Twitch.

Is digital marketing good for future?

Yes digital marketing is good for the future, the future with digital marketing is very certain, irrespective of how the consumers are converting traditional marketing into digital marketing.

Also there a lot of opportunities for people who are in the digital marketing field both and in the future.

Digital marketing in this ever growing technology savvy,the only thing that would ever remain in the future is digitization.

From the smallest to the biggest everyone would be adapt to the digital world.

The traditional marketing using meia like the print media has always be an old method of marketing around us and the world is gradually switching into digital marketing.

One of the key factor that justify the future with digital marketing is the massive growth of digital marketing budgets over the internet’s from years backs, and this will continue to grow in as much that in growth in digital maketing in the future.

Why does digital marketing grow so fast?

At this moment, digital marketing scope is growing so fast because it is a thriving career for many youth because of it striking factors like the adequacy costs, conveniency, quick response and viability.

 Digital was growing fast especially with its impacts in marketing and Advertising  industry.

As a matter of facts digital marketing will always continue to grow with an ever expanding of points of contacts, so there is chance for continue growing of digital marketing across the world in the future.

Increase in the number of internet usage daily over the last decades is the main causes of why digital marketing is growing faster.

Without a doubt, internet has really change human thinking faculty especially the way people are buying items.

Also the way many business has offering their products and services to their customers, there is an increase in the number of people online using the internet to buy a lot of products and services.

Hence the increase in the usage of internet over the years as lead into the growth of many online business like E-commerce.

The increase in career growth of Digital marketing was as a result of growing fast of digital marketing, where as many business where also has more focus on digital marketing than traditional marketing.

What is likely the most exciting thing about study digital marketing?

The most exciting thing about digital marketing is the fast growth and the increase in the number of its users such  65% of many business has adopt digital marketing due to corona virus pandemic.

Where as marketing budget were spent by 72% of business on digital activities. 

From the coming years many marketer were planning to work their website optimization in order to improve their customers digital experiences.

70% of many consumer were strongly believes on the greatest reviews which influence them where 67% where seeking for the best price for making a purchase.

One of facts and exciting things is that many digital marketer like 77% were tryingto invested on data to improve their customers experience with digital marketing.

Moreover, the most exciting things about digital marketing is that cost effectives as it save a low cost, it is measurable and the wide range of coverage no matter how small your location is you can target a larger audience across the world.

What are the major impact study of digital marketing?

There are may major impact of digital marketing especially ro the business, it has an effects on traditional means of Marketing.

It has affect the rate of social media users for creating contents especially with the Youtube.

The number of social media network has been increase and affecting the ways people use social media this days.

Digital marketing has also improve the image of the brandlike increasing the brand awareness, leads generation, boosting of sales, viral growth of the brand, more engagement with brand audience and customers through the use of social media


As a result of global increase technology, therefore this result in the global use of digital channels like Social media.

Also the oldest techniques of marketing which is the traditional marketing has been gradually reduce as more business is taking the advantage of digital marketing to reach out to audiences over the internet.

The demand of digital marketing will be increase as more users and business will devise more on digital marketing strategies, putting more effort, time and money to invest in digital marketing for global reach of their target audiences throughout various digital channels in order to achieve their business goals.

This results in rise of digital marketing manager job who have dedicate time and effort to studying of digital marketing for purpose of achieving their business goals. 

so company were seriously looking for candidate who study and have hand-on-hand training in digital marketing strategies.

Check out the role of digital marketing for a successful business development through the digital marketing manager.

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