Over some years ago, a little boy was born in Nigeria Ondo State at Akure South Local Government at Oke Aro area. But before then there was a controversy about the termination of my pregnancy as a results of misunderstanding between parents which got them to be separated.

God was therefore at hand through my Grandmother, the pregnancy was not terminated and over 30 years ago a little boy was born and boy was me. I grew up at my grandmother custody and experiences childhood with my neighbor friend then.

The experiences of my childhood were an unforgetabl experiences I will never never in my life. It was so full of fun and child experiences. i remember when we were always bathing outside nakedly especially during rainfall, playing football around the street.

 I enjoy my childhood it was an unforgettable experiences I have to tell my next generation. Despite this fun and enjoyable experiences, I also experience some challenges and bad experiences at childhood.

I got involved in an accident when I was hit by a motor car twice but God saved ny life.

I also fell from a tree when trying to pluck some fruits on a tree but God was with me. I thank God for his faithfulness over my life and it have been God all the way.


My Childhood Education was also an unforgettable Experiences I can’t just ignore in my life. Firstly I attended two primary schools, one is a Government School while the other is a private School before I Proceeded to the private school where I obtained my Primary school leaving Certificate in 2005 and that school name is God’s miracle Nursery and Primary School located at Eru oba titun Street Akure Ondo State.


My secondary School Experiences cannot be left out. I gained Admission into a Government School around September and October in 2005 after my primary School. I attended Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure a.k.a O.G.S.A located at Oyemekun Road Akure.

This is where my attitude and characters got changed immediately I enter Secondary School, I just imagined how a stubborn boy in Primary School sa now Gentle, easy going and quiet, but God know the best for me how he change my behaviours.

Infact, I hardly talked in class even when  teaching is going on, as a results of this no Teacher know me by name because we are many in class, that is how Government School is been structure.  I was a serious student even though I talk much in class, I don’t joke with my study. Starting from Jss one to SS3 I was so focus with my study.

I enjoyed my secondary school days in spite of my seriousness, especially after the Examination period, I used to play football with my friends then during the School hour because we were allow that after examination.

The most important experiences in my Secondary School days was when I was in SS3, We feel like we are on top of the world, proving  seniority in school, nobody can stop from coming late then, we were more friendly with our Teachers.

The West Africa examination period was so memorable; though also experience a bad moment in secondary school, especially for coming late which I was given serious punishment, punishment for noise making in class.

 While we were also beaten for any misconduct in school, I love my vice-principal then very action man, no nonsense man, with all these secondary school days was so amazing.


On November 2012,a year after my secondary school, I got admission into the federal University of Technology, Akure. I studied meteorology and climate science though it was a given course bt I enjoy the course. The course was easy for mebecause of my background knowledge in Physics and Mathematics. I make friend in school and also make friends, meet new people from different department. The school experience is so great despite the seriousness of not getting a carry over in any course. I remember when we were given an assignments, we always bro have you done that assignment and when we copy from friend we called it doubing. Attendant can cannot be put aside as a part of continous Assesment why the lecturer that is what lecturers use to scam us. This six month Industrial Training period at Nimet forecast office and regional training center of Nigerian Meteorological Agency located at Oshodi was so superb, I have real life practical experiences in Meteoroligical fields.

 During this period is when I got an ideas of Digital Marketing but I knew nothing about it then when one of my friend introduced a business to me, I just fathome that there could be a way to make this done on the internet instead of marketing  with word-of mouth. This is when the ideas of digital marketing comes into my life since then I have find a way on out to get this until my Nysc service year.


I  was mobilized for National Youth services Corps in 2018, as  2018 Batch A Corp Member into my state of deployment, Rivers State, PortHarcourt Lga Precisely which my Place of Primary Assignment was Located. At the orientation Camp at Non-Wan Gba Tai during the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship (S.A.E.D) Programme, I received an Hand-Bill about a program and I read through it I saw Digital Marketing on the hand bill. So I google the meaning and I was excited about the meaning as the promotion of goods and services through digital media and Technology, I was so glad about it that is what has been in my mind and also it is that ideas I have in mind for a long time. Then I decided to pursue a career in digital marketing and also to be versatile in every aspects of digital marketing. After the NYSC orientation Camp for about three weeks, I got enrolled into a graduate School programmes for a professional Studies at Pan-African in Part-Harcourt city along East-West road but unfortunately the digital marketing aspects which was my main course of been enrolled was not conducted but I enjoy the other aspects of the Info-Tech where I was able to introduced into the basic of web programming languages such as Html, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Php, Bootstrap, CakePHP, Content Managements System and Mobile APP Developments. Due to my focus and determination for digital Marketing, I decided to focus first on digital marketing, then after that I will take those skills then earlier into practice, there after I pursued ahead into a well recognized computer learning Institution called New Horizons for a professional studies in Digital Marketing for a period of 4 months where I got a certificate in Online and Digital Marketing in 2019.


My passion for Digital marketing was so curious after I got certified in Online and Digital Marketing from New Horizons in PortHarcourt during my NYSC year, I take a curious step to know more about Digital Marketing, so I take any mean to make sure have knowledgeable in it, I downloaded digital Marketing course on Mobile APP to study it in order to have Knowledge about, I make Youtube my best Friend, I download many videos related to Digital Marketing such as SEO video, email marketing vide, content Marketing videos, and many other videos, I also read my blogs online about Digital Marketing. With I was so knowledgeable about Digital Marketing fields and I have passion for it. So all this was after my passing out from Nysc in Port Harcourt 2019, I was still  residing in PortHarcout for Job opportunity but I couldn’t get any, I was invited for Digital Marketing Interview but due to my inexperience I was not consider for the Job. Hence I decide to apply for a teaching Job around my place of primary Assignment. I taught there for about three months before I got a call from my Dad for Connection for a Job into a Company in Lagos in 2020. As a matter of this, I relocated from Port-Hacourt to Lagos, working as a warehouse assistant in Lagos.

Though I got a small Job but that doesn’t hinder my passion and dream for Digital Marketing,  the first four months of my save salary I decide to use it to get laptop but something Happen I was discourage not buy it for now due to was my uncle told me then so I used the money for other things because I don’t want any complain or insults if I insight to buy that laptop then but that doesn’t stop my dream in Digital Marketing, I kept on learning but I don’t have the privilege to implements what am learning so I don’t let that discourage me, I keep moving, but the job doesn’t even give me enough time to learn very well. 

Around May 2021, something happened I lost the job; I wasn’t happy  not because I lost the Job but because I couldn’t use that opportunity to save money to developed my careers. So I don’t even bother to look for Job, the remaining money left in my account and cash at hand, I gather every to get myself a Laptop in order to start practicing the digital marketing skills, There after I decided to learn some skills with along with my digital Marketing Knowledge. I get-in touch with a Digital Marketing Company called Dattobs using Google to find the company contact, I gave them a call and I was enrolled to participate for an Internship in the company for a period of six months for a graphics design as one of the skills that will help me  along with  my Digital Marketing skills, I got the fundamental knowledge on Graphics design using Corel draw and Photoshop with other basic knowledge of graphics such as Color Wheel, branding, principle of Graphic design and other. After the internship at Dattobs, I moved further to another company for more Mentorship about organizational Ethics and Principle at Kenbook Consults Limited, a Quantity Surveying Company Located at Surulere, Lagos. Since then I started having passion for other  Digital skills like Video Editing, Video Animation, copywriting, content writing, Article writing, freelancing and Affiliate Marketing and other skills to make money online.  

In addition to this, I gain an additional skill to my Digital skills in 2021, I wasn’t a wasted years to me because what I acquire a stepping stone to my passion and Dream in Digital Marketing. So I decide to start looking for Job in 2022 in order to save money so as to build up my career in Digital Marketing. I never gave up I keep on pushing and trying many ways to get money but I believe that in 2022 I get money to kick-start my career.

Meanwhile before that I have an intension of further ahead in Digital Marketing since no much money to finance my Digital Marketing career by buying a domain name and Hosting even Laptop was among my challenge then, I don’t have money to buy another laptop  since the laptop am using was faulty, no money for website hosting and other expenses, I was so unhappy because of all this but I don’t let it weigh me down from not pursue my dream and vision in Digital marketing.

I have a strong determination for Digital Marketing, so I have an intention to further my Digital Marketing Professional career in Digital Marketing Skills Institute located in Ikoyi Victoria Island, Lagos but the cost of the training was unaffordable for me, so I made a decision to get a job in order to gather the money for the training, therefore I apply for so many Job but I couldn’t get any as a results of inexperience so the employer consider me not fit for the role I apply for, that is also one of the challenges I encounter in Digital Marketing Journey Career, I try to gather money by telling families and relatives for assistant but all no avail. I continue pursue my dreams strategize other ways to get money to further my Digital Marketing Career; I don’t let my challenges discourage me in any ways.