How can I create a blog website [a step-by-step for beginner]

learn how to make a blog with these step-by-step methods
how can i create website blog

How can you create a blog website might be something that is troubling your mind right now.

Do you really wish to know how to create a blog and don’t know how to go about it? don’t bother

about it anymore, you will get to know how to make your own blog soon.

According to firstsite research   the estimated number of blogs worldwide is over 572 million while 32.7 million of bloggers were from the US.

Therefore the estimated number of blogs built on WordPress is 43% while 77% of people read blogs online every day. Hence most successful bloggers spend at least 4 hours writing a blog post with over 7 million blog posts published every day.

If you are one of those who haven’t taken the advantage of a blog, you have missed a lot for a long.

Don’t you know that the information you got online, particularly the one you are reading now is a blog?

Most importantly starting a blog is not child’s play, you need to learn and understand how it works.

when you first start it might be stressful and when you have used to it, it becomes fun and enjoyable

when you have understood how it works.

Most organizations and individuals used blogs to present themselves, their products, and their services over the internet.

The products you purchase online, and the services and information you got online are all through blogs.

You will get to know how you can create a blog website and various types of blog websites you can start in this Article.

Do you want us to continue? If yes

Then let’s get started.



The best way to express your opinion is to know how to create a blog, how do I create a blog? This is a question you should ask if probably you don’t know how to go about it.

How do you create a blog and make your blog to be outstanding among various blogs on the internet should be your focus?

How to become a successful blogger that people will notice like some of the most popular bloggers and internet marketers around the world like Neil Patel, Adam Efroy, Laural Ikeji the popular blogger in Africa particularly Nigeria.

If you want to become like them, Am sure you will, then how to create a blog website is something you should focus on.  

And let this be on your mind that starting a blog is not difficult at all, it is quite simple as you think, yes very simple to create and start.

A blog is a website or a page on the website used by a company or individual to share their opinions, ideas, and reviews of products and services with the public.

And to let people know more about them as they receive feedback and comments from the public to build

up their online reputation.

The platform by which people share/post their ideas and opinions on the internet by a mean of Articles and other sources of information on the website is called a blog.

 In this blog post, you will know how to start and create a blog step by step, so that you will start making use of the advantage of your blog like monetization.

Let’s move further on how to create a blog step by step

Step by step on how to start a successful website blog

In order to create a successful blog the following steps which I recommend you follow and make the best use

of it include:

  • Determine your passion
  • Find your niche 
  • Determine the purpose of your blog
  • choose your content management platform
  • Get your domain name
  • Get your hosting
  • Install and configure your WordPress
  • Design your blog website
  • Create your blog post

Let me discuss the following steps with you fully, so that you can know how to create and start a blog that

will be profitable to you in the next few months.

1. Determine your passion

If you are really interested in how to start a blog, you must have a passion for something. That passion

can be something you show more love and interest in doing.

It can be anything you have passion for or something you love doing.

Maybe you love to travel, listen to music or movies, read books, you love to talk about relationships and

marriage, you love watching football.

Anything you love doing you can start a blog with it.

Probably you have a profession or have skills like being a footballer, music minister, teacher, medical doctor, Engineering, lawyer, etc.

Also some skills like graphics, data analytics, ICT, Digital Marketing, and Tech skill like coding, programming, website, and development, etc.

You must have something to offer before starting a blog, if you haven’t known your passion, skills, or areas of interest, you need to discover them before you eventually start a blog.

Determine your passion now!

You can’t just start a blog without knowing your passion or skill, if you don’t have a skill, there is an opportunity for you to learn it before starting a blog.

Having a passion or skills will give you experience; knowledge that will enable you to know what to

write about and it will help you a lot in the journey of your blog.

Let me remind you of this! Don’t just venture into a blog because of money making at first, of course,

money is included though you must have a love for what you are offering and build it up until it grows,

that is what brings money later for you in the future.

I hope that is clear and understandable now! Let continues to the next step

2. Find your Niche

The types of blogs you create will be determined by your niches, you might be thinking about what is

niche all about. A niche is an area of specialization that distinguish you from the crowd.

A niche will position you and make you stand out from your competition and it will give you more

audience and generate more returns on investment.

For instance, we have many types of medical doctors like opticians, veterinary doctors, dentists, etc.

If probably you are a medical doctor and you wish to blog, you can narrow it down to a medical doctor who specializes in skin treatment.

You can also be a medical doctor who specializes only in giving an injection or a psychology doctor who specialize in the brain, and eye treatment like the optician.

You can also be a veterinary doctor but specialize in only one kind of animal, like dog treatment instead of treating all kinds of Animals.

A specific area of specialization is called a niche. It will help you stand out, give you more audiences who are interested in you, and generate high returns on investment.

You can do thorough research to find a highly relevant and low-competition niche, which is very important before you write a blog.

3. Determine the purpose of your blog

You need to know the goal of your blog and focus on it, your goal must be clearly known.

Your goal is the reason why you want to start a blog. Remember your online reputation is very important and is determine who you are and how your audiences see you.

It makes your audience trust you especially if you are an agency or corporate organization that offer

one service or the other.

You might also offer products or anything you do, and make your goal in line with the products or services you offer.

For example, if you are someone who likes fashion design, your goal might be “to promote my fashion store through my blog and generate income by selling affiliate products with the brand”,

your purpose and the reason why you create your blog must clearly known and stated before you start a blog.

 Make it unique and stand with it, it can also be your mission statement to help you build your brand Identity

if you are a corporate organization.

Remember your goal is the reason why you want to start out from your competitor, which is your unique value proposition.

Hope you get that right. Yeah

Keep that in mind ok, and let’s move on to the next step

4. choose your content management platform

You might still doubt how to create a blog website. Or whether what you are reading now is the right information you need on how to create a blog.

Let me tell you, you are on the right way to knowing how to start a blog successfully.

The first three steps are the background you should understand on know to run a successful blog.

The journey on how to start a blog website begins with the content management system, it allows you

to build a website yourself and you can also decide to hire someone to build it for you, it all depends on your choice.

There are many content management systems among are WordPress, Joomla, drupal, blogger, etc.

These tools allow you to create a blog website through a dashboard, plug-in, template, page builder like elementor, etc. to your favorite taste.

This platform allows you to modify your website by changing the theme, background, color, text, templates, and so on; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create a website.

It is simple to use like WordPress and it is the favorite platform of many bloggers.

You just need to have a basic understanding of Html, CSS, and some other web programming languages.

Don’t be scared they are easy to use.

This article focus on how to use WordPress and blogger to create a blog, you will get to know how to

create a website for free and how to host a blog website using WordPress and blogger in this article.

I recommend you choose WordPress because of its simplicity to use and the favorite platform used by others, I also use it as well.

5. Decide on your domain name

A domain name is your website URL. It is what people will type on the internet to get access to your website. E.g., SEO expert is your domain name.

A domain name must be able to be spelled, avoid capital letters and make sure you keep it short (highly recommend that).

However some make it long but just make sure it is something that can be spelled, your domain name

must be relevant to your niche, for instance, if you are into furniture and you specialize only in wardrobe making, your domain name can be

It can also be your name if you decide to have a personal blog; I will discuss that more later.

6. The hosting

After you have gotten your domain name, you are now ready to host a website blog. Hosting and domain name go together through the hosting company.

Hosting means you want to buy a space and storage on the internet to keep the document of your website.

It is like a memory card you put on your phone or devices to store documents or information.

Some popular hosting companies include HostGator, bluehost, Namecheap, siteground etc.

You need to buy a domain name and hosting from the hosting company and the hosting plan varies from one hosting company to another.

Each hosting company has at least 3 different hosting plans you can choose to host a website depending on your budget, the higher your budget the higher your storage capacity and the more benefits you get.

Let this be your mind that the hosting and domain name are not free, you need to pay fees to get access to it.

Some hosting companies offer a free domain for a year as a promo plus hosting fees while after a year start to

get both for certain fees.

In this article, I will use Hostgator hosting Company to show you how hosting and domain name registration

is been done and is also a similar way to other hosting companies.

How to buy a domain name using Hostgator

Hostgator has three different plans as you can see below, the Hatching plan, the Baby plan, and the Business plan, you can see the benefits and budgets of each plan below.

how to create a blog website

Click on sign up Now on any of the plans you choose to register your domain.

After you click on sign up you will be moved to the next phase of domain registration to choose a domain as you can see from the image below.

If you already own a domain name click on I already own this domain, if not Click on register a new domain, then input your new domain in the rectangular bar above to register a new domain, and then click on .com( inside the small rectangular box).

how can I create a blog website

Image source: Tyler channel

Check if your domain directory (.com) is available, it will tell you it is available but if it is not available you can select .net or .online, .site, .store, .website, .tech, etc. as you can see from the image above and below.

Always prefer the general domain (.com), if your domain on .com is not available change it and brainstorm on a new domain until you get the .com domain (highly recommend).

Remember your domain name is the URL of your website blog and it must be unique, you can also brainstorm more domain names if probably your domain name has been taken.

How to host a website blog with Hostgator

When you have chosen your domain name, it is now time to choose your hosting plan, click on the rectangular box of package type from above and select any of your hosting plans, proceed to the Billing Cycle (i.e. amount of payment for hosting each month) and select an at least a year plan, do the calculation, from above a month is $10.95 * 12 equal for a year

Input your username and security pin, then move to the next Phase which is your Billing information.

how can you create a website blog

Image source: Tyler channel

Billing Info

Input your billing information, that is how you will make your payments for your domain and hosting. Input all necessary details as you can see above to make your payments.

Image source: Tyler channel

The additional services are other services offered by the hosting plan like protection of your site from hackers which is recommended while others are optional as you can see above depending on your budget.

how to create a website blog

Image source: Tyler channel

If you have a coupon code you can input it depending on how you get the offer to your hosting plan, the purpose of a coupon code is for a discount rate.

 the review order details are the details of your domain registration and hosting plan with your payment details and another offer by the hosting company such as a money-back guarantee, 27/7 support, and others as you can see above.

The amount due is your billing payment you are going to pay, click on I have read and agree with the terms and conditions, then finally click on checkout now to make your payments as you can see from the image above.

Image source: Tyler channel

After you have made your payment through the checkout now,  then click on hosting as you can see above, then scroll down and click on Launch QuickInstall from the image below.

Image source: Tyler channel

7. Install and configure your WordPress website blog

After you click on Launch Quickinstall from above, then scroll down and click on WordPress

how can I create a blog website

Image source: Tyler channel

Select your domain for installation from the rectangular boxes below and click on next

Image source: Tyler channel

Enter your install setting, the Blog title, Admin User, first name, last name, and Admin Email, and click on install, your database will be created automatically for your website blog.

Click on the Terms of Service Agreement and click on install

Your WordPress is installing

how can you create a blog website

Image source: Tyler channel

Congratulations! Your installation is complete

Copy your installation details and paste them somewhere and click on login on the red box above to see if your site is ready.

It takes time to ready, leave it with for about one hour and come back to it again.

Type your domain name on the Google search bar to see if your site is ready. It should have been ready by then.

This process (domain registration and hosting) is also similar to other hosting companies, depending on your favorite hosting company.

You need to carry out some research and survey to know which hosting company is best for you.

8. Design your blog website

Congratulation your blog website is ready as you can see from the image below, but that is not all, you need to design it to make it look professional or like a pro, anyhow you called it.

how can i create a blog website

Designing of website blog is another dimension of creating a blog entirely, you need to customize your blog by changing some settings on the website.

This setting might include changing the username and password, the theme, the appearance, etc. on the blog.

Create some pages on the website like the Home page, About page, services page, contact and blog page, etc.

Depending on your purpose and how you want it to look, give your blog a title. I

Install a beautiful theme that is relative to your blog purpose, and install a website builder plug-in like Elementor to make the appearance of your blog more beautiful and professional.

You can hire a professional/WordPress expert to design this for you, you can also decide to learn how to design a WordPress site yourself.

I recommend you should learn this yourself and design your blog website yourself as part of your learning on how to create a blog (highly recommend).

That leads us to the last stage

9. Create a blog post on Website blog

Create a blog post to start making use of your blog, this is where your success story begins with a blog since you already know how to create a blog.

You also need to know how to write a successful blog post that will drive people to your blog.

Did you really wish to know how to write a successful blog post?

Remember, various types of blogs exist that you can create with your niche I already said earlier, it is very important.

How to create a website blog on WordPress is the most popular content manager that is used by most bloggers and internet marketers to post their content online.

There are two methods How to make a blog on It is used by many because of its easy and simple to use, you don’t need to be a web designer or have any technical knowledge before you can create a blog using

The video I recommend above is a foundation for you on how to set up a blog on WordPress. I hope you enjoy and learn from that video.

There are two methods of installing WordPress to set up a blog, they are;

Automatic method using

The step-by-step on how to create a blog you learn above is an automatic method of setting up a blog using through the hosting company.

owner of WordPress, it is free and it is an open-source software from,  that is there is no charges for using it.

I recommend the automatic is the

method because it makes you avoid some technical issues that make be too difficult for you and also enables you to create a debate and installation easily.

This is done using the control panel from the hosting company.

Manual method

The manual method of installing WordPress is a technical method on how to set up a WordPress blog, if you don’t have technical knowledge on how to install it might be very cumbersome for you.

The manual method involves downloading WordPress online as a zip file from and unzipping it and doing the manual configuration, creating a database, and finally uploading it to your hosting.

You can contact a web developer or someone who has technical knowledge of hosting to help you out if you prefer the manual method.

  • You can install your website manually using normal hosting like Hostgator
  • You can also install it manually using the virtual hosting or VPS(Vesta CP Control Panel)

How can I start a blog website for free?  

You might be thinking there should be a way how to start your own blog for free, yes there is a way out, you might be willing to start a free blog without any hosting because of your financial incapacity to host a blog, and probably in the future, you will change it when you have enough cash.

That is not a good idea except if you want to keep free hosting forever but changing it later is something you might regret. Did you know why, because a blog is something that is very easy to grow when your audiences have become familiar with your blog online?

When your blog has been so interesting to your readers by giving them value and later you just change it, did you know what will happen, that your online reputation built through your free blog will be got tarnished?

And you lost your trust and reputation, i.e. the way your reader knows you.

It is better to host a website than to set it up for free when starting up a blog because it has more benefits than free hosting, the worst case in free hosting is that you are not the owner of your blog.

It belongs to the hosting company because your domain is attached to them for instance, therefore having a free blog also has some pros and cons which are;

Pros of free hosting

  • No payment for hosting and domain
  • It is very easy to install and configures
  • It allows you to associate your domain with it

Con’s of free hosting

  • No full access to your blog information/data
  • There is a limitation to the design of the blog
  • The web positioning i.e. the organic ranking is limited

You can see why hosting and domain registration is good; they will give you full access to all this and even beyond.

There is no good thing that doesn’t cost money, try to host and have your own blog.

How to start a free blog website (free domain + free hosting)

There are many ways you can start a blog for free, but I will tell you the two most popular platforms to create a blog for free which are and Blogger

How to create a free blog website with

This is the simplest method for you to create a free blog than a blogger, It is very easy to customize and it has some features you can use for free, it own by WordPress.

You don’t need to have knowledge of Html and CSS. It has the ability to enable you to write more articles, and edit features, and templates.

Remember the domain you get will be “”, To get this free blog, click on to design your free blog with free hosting. 

How to create a free blog website with Blogger

Blogger is one of the most used platforms for blogging for free, it is owned and managed by Google. It will allow you to integrate many functions such as your google +, google plus comments with just a simple click.

Blogger comes with web development features such as Html and CSS. It comes with many Html templates you use to design.

If you have knowledge of Html and CSS you can change the features to your look and make it look more professional.

The domain that is associated with blogger looks like this

One important feature of a blogger is that anytime you wish to upgrade to a hosting plan, you will see your blog exactly the same with the same domain name without any loss.

Blogger is the second free blog to, then get started with blogger. 

These steps above will determine the success of your blog based on the types of blogs you choose.

Let’s move on to some types of blogs you can create as it depends on your purpose and the niche you are interested in and you will know how to apply the following steps whenever you set to create a blog of your type.

Some Types of blog websites you can start

You can create any of these types of websites blogs:

  • Personal blog
  • Professional blog
  • Corporate blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Fashion blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Sports Blog
  • Book Blog
  • Beauty Blog
  • Fitness blog
  • Cooking blog etc.       

How to start a Personal website blog

This is a blog you created for yourself to show off your skills, you can use it to serve as a portfolio; this blog is where all your information about you can be gotten.

This kind of blog is very important to you particularly because it will let your readers know you more and who you are, it can also give you more opportunities than your peers when looking for a job.

A personal blog also serves as a portfolio where all the work you have done can be referred to or kept as references. A portfolio is work you have done in the past that an employer will see in order to consider you for the job.

List all your skills, your experiences and where you have worked, and also where you are currently working and majorly everything about you, put them into your personal blog which serves as your portfolio.

Your name is perfect for a personal blog and keeps it short and well spells and avoids capital letters.

Steps to create a personal website blog

The following steps above should be done when creating a personal blog, the little difference is your name and it serves as your domain name

  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Get your domain and hosting
  • Design your blog whether you want a free blog or a hosting plan
  • Create quality content/blog posts for your readers

How to start a professional blog website

As its name implies a profession, a profession is work you do for a living, what you study in higher school such as engineering, medical doctors, law, nursing, sociology, pharmacist, etc.

You can create a blog with it, create high-quality contents that can add value, or gives solution to what your readers a looking to solve

Steps to create a professional blog

  • Define the goal or purpose of your blog
  • Find a specific niche for your blog in your profession
  • Decide on your domain
  • Buy your domain and hosting
  • Design and your blog website
  • Create high-quality content for your readers related to your chosen niche in your profession

How to start a corporate blog website

You can decide to create a corporate blog for your company or organization. A corporate is a blog owned by a specific Organization; the company hires a professional individual to help them post on their blog.

If you wish to work in an organization and get paid every month for the work you have done.

You need to study and understand the company well, understand its structure, services, products they produce, how they provide its services, its method of production, and understand how the company work before you start the company blog.

Some companies might give you some tips on what to follow or the boss may decide for you what to post on their blog.

What matter most is for you to understand how to create high-quality content through content marketing strategy, you need to know how to write a successful blog post.

Steps to create a corporate website blog

  • Define the goal of your  company blog
  • Get your domain and hosting
  • Create and design a blog website for your company
  • Understand the company systems, products, and services well
  • Have a deep understanding of content marketing strategy
  • Do a thorough research
  • Use tools for effective work
  • Learn how to write a blog post
  • Create quality content for your blog

How to start a travel website blog

A travel blog is one of the most lucrative and enjoyable blogs to create, if you have a passion or love for traveling, you can create a travel blog.

You can also decide to narrow it decide to a certain number of locations first, which might limit you as a travel blogger to avoid the cost of traveling but when you have enough cash you can travel to various places and write a blog post about those places you visit.

Steps to create a travel blog website

  • Have a passion or love for traveling
  • Define the goal of your traveling blog
  • Find your niches
  • get your domain and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Get a camera and video tools
  • Get your writing materials to write down the information you get
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to start a fashion website blog

A fashion blog is one of the recent and popular blogs among others, if you are interested in starting out a fashion blog; you need to create a blog that will stand out among your competition.

This blog has a lot of competition and is trending, the latest information about a design, the trending or changes in the fashion industry, news, stories, and images should be your focus when deciding to create a fashion blog.

Leveraging the power of social media is a great tool you need in fashion blogs. High-quality images and latest designs of dresses, T-shirts, trousers, caps, Jewelry, watches, earrings, bracelets, etc.

That will catches the attention of viewers and readers on the blog. Creating a free blog for a fashion blog is not quite recommended.

Designing a quality and professional, out-looking design for a tour fashion blog is the number one way to your success in a fashion blog.

You don’t need to use your name for your fashion blog; also you don’t need a free domain and hosting when starting out a fashion blog.

Find and research a very catchy name for your fashion blog. For instance name like lovely papa, trendy taste, and Jcoultre is good names for fashion blogs because they will attract potential readers to your blog.

Steps to create a fashion blog

  • Find your niches
  • Define the purpose of your blog
  • Choose a good and catchy domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Get your writing materials to write down the information you get
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to start a lifestyle blog website

This is similar to a fashion blog but they are different in the sense that a lifestyle blog deals with talking about a particular person, or group of people in a particular location, town, or village, celebrities, etc.

This is very interesting; you will talk about their lifestyle, biography, family background, their education, age, marital status, number of children, etc.

This type of blog is very interesting to read as your readers will like to know more about them.

You can also write about a group of people living in a particular place, write about their cultures, tradition, and everything about them.

You need to do thorough research through surveys, questionnaires, interrogating people, or research on the internet.

Let your information be genuine, don’t give fake information to your reader, and make your blog lively and fun, as your readers will be ready to look for more content in your post next time.

Steps to create a lifestyle website blog

  • Research your specific group of people to talk about
  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Choose a good domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Research what you want to write
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to start a sports website blog

A sports blog is one of the most important and interesting blogs you can start with as a beginner if you have a love for sports. we have various aspects of sports such as football, javelin, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, boxing, etc.

Therefore there are varieties of sports you don’t know. There are a lot of sports you can blog about.

Do thorough research using Google or Wikipedia to find good sports you can start to blog on.

Leverage the use of Google and Wikipedia to find more information about any sports activities you want to blog on.

There are a lot of sports you don’t even know exist. Don’t jump into the popular one like football because there is high competition.

Find a sport that is less competitive i.e. find a sport that people are not writing about by doing your keyword research and competition research.

Use Wikipedia to find sports you can blog with and use the keyword research tools to find out its competition.

After carrying out your competition research and you have decided on a specific sports niche to blog about, make sure you study and understand that sport well.

This will give you more information on what to give to your readers. Always give out interesting, fun, and educative content to your readers.

Steps to create a sports blog  website      

  • Research your niche sports
  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Choose a good domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Research what you want to write
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to start a book blog website

You can start with a book blog if you are someone who loves to read books. The best thing is that you

can start a blog by reading books you love or interest you the most to read.

Reading books you love to read will give you inspiration and knowledge on what to blog about.

The passion and interest you have will make it easier for you to start this blog.

Remember you can’t just start a book blog by reading several books, those books must be related to

the same niches.

There are many books you can read such as spiritual books or Christian books, motivational books, financial books, etc.

By doing this you are making a book review and recommendation to your reader to read as well.

This means that you are summarizing a whole book and presenting it shortly to your reader.

You tell them what you learn from those books, what happen etc in summary.

You must focus on niches and provide relevant and quality content to your audiences/readers.

Steps to create a book blog website

  • Research your specific niche book
  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Choose a good domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Research what you want to write
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to start a beauty website blog

This is the type of blog common to ladies who are makeup artists.

They use cosmetics and other relevant products like perfumes, hair creams, powders, body creams, etc.

If you are someone who loves cosmetics and beauty makeup, then this blog is right for you.

Leveraging the power of social media like Instagram is your success in this type of blog.  

Providing quality content and high-resolution images and videos is the best means the attention of your

viewers to your blog.

Provide quality content on how to use a product such as perfume, powder, etc., and how it will be of benefit

to them.

Provide them with some trends about what is happening in the beauty industry such as new products’ arrival, new gist, and information.

Make your content engaging to attract your readers to your blogs.   

Steps to create a beauty blog  website     

  • Research your niche
  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Choose a beautiful domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Research what you want to write
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to start a fitness blog

The best way to start a blog is by what you have an interest in doing and one of them is fitness. If you are someone who loves physical fitness such as exercise, gymnastics, etc. then this blog is best for you.

There are much physical fitness and exercise such as running, jogging, etc.

You can start a blog with them by providing quality and relevant content to your readers.

You can also provide content on physical fitness exercises and how they will solve your reader problem

and add value to them.

Provide a problem and tell your readers the needed and relevant exercises and instruments that can help

them solve that problem.

You need to do thorough research to know your target audiences, your target audiences are those who

are interested in your blog, and provide them with relevant and quality content that will engage them.

Leverage the power of social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. with high-resolution

and quality images with content that will converge your viewers to your blog.

Steps to create a fitness websites blog      

  • Research your niche
  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Choose a good domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Research what you want to write
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

How to create a cook blog website

A Cook blog is also one of the important blogs you can start since everyone eats food people will be very interested in new food and new method of cooking from your blog.

If you are someone who loves to cook especially if you are a chef then this blog is the best for you.   

There are many food people don’t know about, you can provide content on how to make them.

Give your readers content on how to cook all this food like continental dishes, and local and traditional foods.

Leverage the use of social media most especially Youtube and other social media like Instagram and tik tok.

Remember you must have a niche, you can’t just be cooking various foods, be specific to particular types of food.

Do research to find a good niche for your blog, you can start with a broad niche if you can’t find a specific niche or if you are interested in teaching various food.

Specified on a specific niche will give you more audiences who are more interested in your blog.

Steps to create a cook blog website          

  • Research your niche sports
  • Define the goal of your blog
  • Choose a good domain name for your blog
  • Register your domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Create a YouTube channel for your blog
  • Do thorough Research about what you want to write
  • Leverage the use of social media
  • Create high-quality content/blog posts on your blog

 How much do bloggers make?

 The amount individual blogger makes differs based on their niche, competition, the quality of content they provide and the amount of traffic coming to your site, how to convert their audiences, the number of subscribers, the engagement rate, etc. will determine how much do a blogger make.

Consistent effort will yield high returns on investment for you as a blogger. You can make more as a blogger by leverage on affiliate marketing and Google Adsense to your blog. 

How to become a successful blogger?

Becoming a successful blogger is not an easy task, you need to be committed, have a passion and

interest in what you are offering, and provide high-quality and engaging content.

leverage the use of social media networks like Instagram to make money and web analytics tools like

Google Analytics to monitor how your blog is doing and take the necessary action needed and be passionate with your blog.

Challenges will come, as a blogger if your blog does not yield good results as expected, try to overcome it

and restrategize your plan and be patient, all this will mark your success as a blogger.


The following steps on how to create a blog successfully and the various types of blogs you can create,

the types of the blog listed above are not limited to that, do research and find a blog on a specific niche

with high search, volume is the first step in creating a successful blog.

The Journey of a thousand miles of your blog starts with simple domain registration and hosting, to get started don’t let your passion and desires to start a blog get cold.

I know you are eager to start, Let’s start a blog together. If you wish to host a  blog with Hostgator company, Click here to get your domain and hosting now.

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