Convertkit Pros and Cons-Is Convertkit worth it[convertkit Review]

convertkit pros amd cons

Are you looking for more updates on convertkit Pros and Cons in order to decide if convertkit is the right

tool you need for your email marketing services.

ConvertKit is used as a tool in the aspects of digital marketing for business growth. It helps online businesses to make sales, and send broadcast messages.

And in this review, I will explain the key ways why I make use of ConvertKit exhaustively, so you can check whether it’s the ideal decision for your business.

ConvertKit is a strong email marketing services provider for building landing pages for any organization.

It is started by using free trials; it helps in automating the sales of products and services and is a good choice by many online content creators.

What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing promoting services provider used mostly by content creators for example proficient bloggers, authors, course makers, etc.

In addition, it assists with building landing pages and sending broadcasts by the administrations over email.

It serves as an intermediate between Mailchimp and Infusionsoft with exceptionally easier use and affordable.

so let’s discuss Convertkit’s Pros and Cons to understand the features and benefits of convertkit for

your Email marketing services.

Convertkit Pros and Cons

ConvertKit is a popular email marketing automation platform that aims to make it easy for creators and small to grow their email lists.

Here are some key points about ConvertKit convertkit pros and cons you need to know:

Convertkit Pros:

  • User-friendly interface: ConvertKit’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a great option for those who may not be tech-savvy.
  • Customizable opt-in forms: ConvertKit offers a variety of customizable opt-in forms, allowing users to capture email addresses in a way that fits their brand and audience.
  • Automation: ConvertKit allows users to automate their email marketing campaigns, which can save time and increase efficiency.
  • Subscriber tagging: ConvertKit’s subscriber tagging feature makes it easy to organize and segment your email list, so you can send targeted messages to specific groups of subscribers.
  • Integrations: ConvertKit integrates with a wide range of third-party platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier.

Convertkit Cons:

  • Limited visual customization: While ConvertKit’s opt-in forms are customizable, the platform doesn’t offer a lot of visual customization options beyond that.
  • Limited reporting: ConvertKit’s reporting capabilities are fairly basic, which may be a downside for those who need more detailed analytics on their email campaigns.
  • Pricing: ConvertKit’s pricing can be relatively expensive compared to other email marketing platforms, especially for those with larger email lists.

Overall, ConvertKit is a solid choice for creators and small business owners looking for an easy-to-use email marketing platform with robust automation features.

However, those looking for more advanced reporting capabilities or greater visual customization options may want to consider convertkit pros and Cons to other options.

Get Started With Convertkit

Bloggers and online writers don’t joke about building an enduring relationship with their target audiences through an Email list.

Although Some online Marketers find email marketing unpleasant thinking they are composing a letter to just friends.

Through email marketing, using email marketing with Converkit you tell your audiences about your

products and services and build your audiences with email lists while growing an internet-based business.

There are many email marketing service providers, the most famous email marketing tools for organizations and individuals are MailChimp, AWeber, Send in Blue, and constant contacts.

Therefore many greater bloggers and organizations depend on additional strong platforms like

Infusionsoft for further email marketing and automation but they are mostly expensive and complex to use.

According to research by Experian, Email Marketing will generate higher returns on investment than any other strategies for promoting business online such as social media.

When you utilized it, it generates greater returns on investment up to USD44 for each dollar spent.

Advantages of knowing convertkit pros and cons for your marketing

What makes convertkit different from other email marketing providers, Convertkit comes with a lot of benefits for your marketing growth. Here are some of the benefits below:

1. Growing An Email Marketing List

By Utilizing ConvertKit, you can accumulate email subscribers by either making a landing page or a form.

You can install these forms on your blog or other web pages and change the look and feel of them, so they match your website structure and design.

This form is used to generate subscribers to the email list by publishing it daily or routinely.

After a form is already created, you need to compose a short welcome email for your new subscriber. ConvertKit will send a message to anyone who joins the form.

When you incorporate content like bonuses or rewards. ConvertKit will provide you with a piece of code to embed on your site in order to use the form.

You can likewise utilize a variety of this code to make an interactive button for a new visitor to subscribe in order to build your email lists.

On the other hand, using a WordPress plugin, this form will show up automatically on your site where it is embedded on your blog.

Copying these structures across numerous posts and web pages is quite simple.

Assuming you get lost when embedding this code, check out the supportive videos in the ConvertKit Knowledgebase.

Their help group typically answers messages quickly which made it easier for installing the code on your site.

The ConvertKit dashboard shows data about your subscribers and the growth of your email lists and what individuals looking for.

It features how each landing page and content is performing. It helps track the growth of your email list for the past 30, 60, or 90 days and beyond.

This information your gather about your email list will help you focus more on your significant marketing activities.

2. Promoting Blog posts

Email Marketing need to be an important frame and fundamental platform for every content marketing strategy to attract new readers to your website blog.

It’s insufficient to distribute blog posts and trust your readers will read them. You want to promote your

blog post, and you don’t have a tweet or Facebook update to draw in new readers to your blog post on your webpage.

There are a lot of activities involved in email marketing, especially with convertkit, here are the activities I

always do with email marketing in order to build relationships and promote products and services to my target audiences.

Therefore when individuals receive this broadcast and frequently miss these messages, this increases my open rate to over 30%.

I always publish a blog post on my webpage every Thursday. I send a broadcast email through convertkit to every subscriber on my email list with ConvertKit every week to my blog posts.

Using the click button inside ConvertKit, I always send some broadcast messages to individuals who didn’t open the email I first send. therefore to make them open the message, I change the subject line and the copy of the email.

So, this attractive subject line and the copy I resend with the email is a great way to increase the opening

of my broadcast by sending some messages to those subscribers who miss the first articles I posted on my blog.

Therefore, without sending the same messages to all your subscribers on your email list. You could utilize this element while sending off a book or course to increment sales.

 Also, Resending un-opens emails to more individuals on your email list is a  great approach to make audiences read your article.

3. Conveying the Content upgrades

One of the best ways to grow your email list faster is through content upgrades. This is a free bonus you offer to your articles and blog post readers on your blog website.

To get all these bonuses, readers must subscribe to your email lists with their name and email address when filling up a form.

I transfer these contents upgrade to ConvertKit and afterward convey them automatically to readers signing up for the form.

This strategy is one of my best tactics for growing my email list faster.

Content upgrades incorporate book sections, recordings, worksheets, etc.

Below are some examples of bonuses I offer to my readers as a writer,

• writing a blog layout for Scrivener clients.

• a bookkeeping sheet for following an everyday word count.

• a spending plan separating the amount it expenses to compose a book

•composing a free book promptly.

4. Basic Email Marketing

With convertkit, you can set up an email sequence for the readers of your book. So when readers click on the link to this book inside their email, a few days after,  ConvertKit will consequently send them a follow-up.

Hence this broadcast email will enable your reader to leave a review.

Therefore when someone clicks on the link, they will automatically add to another sequence or series of your email messages.

In addition, the benefit of convertkit is that ConvertKit users can look for cold email subscribers for engagements.

Also, users can remove any unresponsive contacts from their email lists. This helps in the deliverability of the lists.

I always almost an hour setting up some automation, writing copy for my email, and checking if everything works well.

So after some days, I check my status to see if readers were engaged.

Some services also offer similar automation like convertkit such as Infusionsoft but they cost a lot of dollars to get running.

5. hosting of landing pages

There are many landing page templates you can use to customize your landing pages to attract your reader.

You can customize your landing pages to the look that you feel is appropriate to your brand.

Also with the WordPress plugin, you can publish landing pages on your website and you can decide to use the landing pages hosted by convertkit.

One of the benefits of creating a landing page is to get and attract an email subscriber to read your ebook or blog post on your website.

At first, you can offer an ebook as a free bonus to opt your readers into your email list. Thus this is done with a link on a convertkit landing page.

Comparing Converkit landing pages to premium landing pages like lead pages is that convertkit landing

pages cover the most basic use of publishing landing pages but they as not as powerful as those of the premium landing pages software.

6. Setting up Email Autoresponders

Autoresponders is an email series sent automatically to many new email subscribers.

It is mostly used by many professionals like bloggers and content creators to respond automatically to a new subscriber after signing up for a form on a landing page.

Below are you can include into autoresponders;

  • Firstly, introduce yourself when writing
  • Put a new link of subscribers to most of your latest blog post
  • Send some educational messages tip from your latest book
  • Ask your new email subscribers to take some little surveys
  • Tell your readers about your soft-sell books and recommend them to buy it.

At first, when preparing an autoresponder can sometimes be very intimidating but with Convertkit it

provides many series of autoresponder templates that is easy and quick to build.

This made it possible with the drag-and-drop visual editor tools on convertkit.

7. Sales of products and services with convertkit

Within your ConvertKit account, you can easily sell your products and services by setting it up over emails. You can sell as many products and services, some of the products and services you can sell are

•             A book

•             A course

•             Training/coach

•             An online webinar class

You can track the sales of these products and services on your convertkit dashboard and also assign the

price of those products and services and payment transactions to your email subscribers through PayPal or Strip.

That is one of the cool features of convertkit.

In addition to these features, you can also target some subscribers by setting up an automated email to make customers and new subscribers get different email messages to their emails.

Also if you are into affiliate marketing you can send out discounts on software to those interested subscribers on your email lists.

8. Convertkit with Advanced Marketing Automation

With Convertkit set up an advanced marketing automation where you can set up a rule for your online writing course.

so whenever someone buys that course convertkit will automatically tag the students and add them to your email list to send a series of emails related to those courses that your students have bought.

This tag can be used to send emails to your subscribers directly and also the tracking of lead value of dollars.

Convertkit can be connected to Zapier and can thus be integrated with some services such as webinarNinja, Gumroad, lead pages, and many more.

Hence every service has different automation and also the setup depends on each service.

Marketing Automation is a very complex task, there are a lot of forms and sequences inside the convertkit

with some visual automation email marketing tools that are insightful likewise the sequences and automation rules can also be stressful.

Convertkit Pricing to Consider for It pros and Cons

There are many prices based on convertkit reviews, convertkit enables users to have 1,000 email subscribers with the offer of a free trial, and convertkit gives out these offers to test the benefit and outstanding performances of its services. 

After you have acquired 1000 email subscribers, you are expected to pay a basic feature of about $29 per month. The pro version of convertkit also cost $59 per month.

Thus this show that you won’t be able to enjoy the free trials when you reach 1000 email subscribers and as your mailing list is growing so also does the cost increase.

However, with convertkit, you can check the prices yourself through the slidable scale offers by convertkit.

what are convertkit prices?

ConvertKit pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have in your email list. Here are the current pricing tiers for ConvertKit

0-1,000 subscribers$29 per month
1,001-3,000 subscribers$49 per month
3,001-5,000 subscribers$79 per month
5,001-8,000 subscribers$99 per month
8,001-10,000 subscribers$119 per month

For larger lists, ConvertKit offers custom pricing plans.

It also offers a 14-day free trial, which allows you to test out the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan.

Convertkit Pro Features

Convertkit offers great features called convertkit creator pro where you will have access to many useful

features that are not included in the free trials and basic features, it is essentially useful for users with larger email lists.

Therefore let’s analyze some of the features of convertkit pro

  • Convertkit Pro comes with advanced reports on the dashboard to see which of the forms performing better and generating more leads.
  • It can enable you to reward those subscribers that refer new subscribers to your mail lists with a free Sparkloop account
  • It also supports the running of ads through the custom audiences
  • It gives you priority for customer support
  • Convertkit Pro also enables to add of team members
  • It also enables the changing of URLs after sending a wrong broadcast links

Is ConvertKit Worth the Money with Its Pros and Cons?

At a basic price of $29 per month, most content creators especially the beginner starting with Convertkit may feel inferior on how to afford the Convertkit pro plan.

convertkit offers you the benefit of always testing the free trials for many days or months unlike some other

email marketing services provider where you can be granted a trial for just seven days.

Therefore you can always test the free plan before moving to other plans, the great benefits of using email

marketing is that if you have a larger list and you sell products and services over email, you can easily recover the cost of your pro plan.

So, using convertkit creator pro is only worth it, if you have over 10,000 subscribers on your email lists.

 My Final Thought

Understanding Convertkit’s Pros and Cons is the first approach to using Convertkit, in order to enhance the effective and efficient use of the tools for your marketing.

Though these days Convertkit can be affordable for many small businesses that offer online services. Hence, it also cost less than Infusionsoft due to its Pros and Cons.

I have tried any other software but Convertkit has the blending power and eases to use than other email marketing software.

Hence this enables the convertkit team to regularly update the software and add new features to this email software.

Therefore in my review of convertkit since 2021 when I started using convertkit, It is the most powerful email marketing software for growing online businesses.

Converkit can generate a higher return on Investment no matter the cost of the subscription you paid for the pro plan but you can get started for free to enjoy this platform.

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