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How to get Started into Business Development and Digital Marketing

Are you looking for more information about digital marketing and business development or perhaps you are confused about the two terms?

Also, if you are about to kick-start your career journey in digital marketing and business development, then this article is for you.

Business development and digital marketing are needed for the development of a brand in this digital and competitive business environment.

The role of digital marketing cannot be underrated in successful business development as it helps to generate new traffic, leads, and sales for your business through digital channels to reach people who are looking for your products and services.

The benefits of digital marketing for business are through developing digital marketing strategies and campaigns that will drive prospects to conversion, make sales and generate revenue for your brand with respect to your brand’s digital goals.

Therefore, In this blog post, you will understand the major difference between digital marketing and business development, the role of business development executives, and the digital marketer role.

Also, you will know the major role of business development and digital marketing for a successful business, digital marketing/business development job descriptions for employment.

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Business development vs digital marketing

Therefore in this section, we will discuss business development and digital marketing separately, and what they entail, as they work together for the growth and success of a business in order to achieve the driven goals of a brand.

In this digital era, businesses need to align with the growth and rising of digital technology for improvement in their marketing activities.

Also, Business development is also mandatory for any successful business for planning and carrying out other necessary business activities like marketing, sales, etc. so as to improve the standard of the business.

What is Business Development

According to research on business development, Business development includes all tasks and processes leading to the development and implementation of growth opportunities within and outside the organization.

In a simple definition, Business development can be defined as the ideas, initiatives, plans, strategies, and activities that improve a business to perform better.

These activities include increasing the business revenue, growth, and expansion. It also includes building strategic plans in order to increase the profitability of the business by making strategic business decisions.

What are the Basics of Business Development?

Business development is a wide scope that encompasses business development executives, business development managers, etc.

The Business development scope is an impressive job title that goes beyond just a business organization.

Business partnerships, market research, market development, business expansion, marketing, sales, and strategies initiatives are some fields that are involved in business but are sometimes mixed up and viewed as a function of business development.

The objectives of business development include sales growth, business expansion, increased profitability, business expansion, and strategic partnership with aim of making the business better.

Business development manager functions are making awareness of new market research and opportunities, making possible expansion, competitors’ developments, and more to the current sources of revenue to the company.

Basics of Business Development

Business developments impact every functional department within a company including sales, marketing, accounting, manufacturing, finance, human resources, Product and Vendor, management, and digital marketing department.

Hence below are the basics of business development for an organization
• Sales
• Marketing
• Strategic initiatives or partnership
• Project management/Business Planning
• Products management
• Vendor Management
• Negotiations, Networking, and Lobbying
• Cost Savings

The Role of business development executive in digital marketing

Moreover, business development is a high decision-making process, therefore the business development must be able to carry out the following functions successfully.

The business development plan

The business development plan is specific for a particular purpose such as a business expansion plan which is carried out and felt by every unit of the business.

The objectives of a successful business plan can include developing new sales channels, new product development, new business line, and new market partnerships, including merger and acquisition decisions, etc.

Let’s take, for instance, a case of a merger, the cost of significant savings can be accomplished when integrating the functions of manufacturing and finance together with the legal department of firms.

Overall, business development involves making a high level of decision according to the business realistic on the assessment of the potential changes and impact.

Taking new ideas and initiatives for your business improves the overall business prospects and drives the functions of the business unit to improvement for overall business growth.

What is Digital Business Development

This is one of the most frequently asked questions over the internet, Digital business development is the development of any business through a digital medium.

Digitalization involves the transformation of any business into a digital business with the use of digital technologies.

With the sole aim of generating revenue and adding new digital opportunities to a business. Many top businesses were already involved in this digitization for the development of their business in this present and growing technology.

Digital business developments also involve keeping up and tracking the latest trends and updates about digitalization for the development of a business.

This is very important for someone who wants to start a business or change a business into a digital business.

For example, the most popular digital technologies are machine learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, etc.

There is a lot for business to develop their companies with the digital operation, though small and large companies differ in skills.

Therefore digital business development is a streamlined process and business with the aim of developing a business with digital tools.

Digital Business development incorporates people as part of the Ps of Marketing which are Product, price, place, and Promotion.

Therefore through Digital business developments make a prompt strategy using digital media to reach people who have an informed decision about your products and services and whether to make a purchase of the products or not.

What is a Digital Business?

In today’s business world, where many can run digital businesses by working from home through many devices and technology.

In most cases many top business leaders have different definitions of the term digital, therefore there are various definitions in terms of technology, transformation, and also adoption.

In general terms, digital businesses leverage the use of technology for business growth.

And also depending on the type of industry in which such business is been operate which might include
• Using productive apps and automated tasks management systems for workflow
• Leveraging on AI for improvement in customer services experience
• Improvement in business intelligence by capturing data
• Business doing 100 percent work online via digital platforms

In normal circumstances, using a few apps for business doesn’t guarantee a digital business.

But a truly digital business is a slow process that involves digital transformation by shifting away from manual means toward achieving a technological and business focus model.

Therefore, becoming a digital business require impacts on every part of the organization such as management and maintenance, employee experience, and customer services.

Examples of Digital Business

Some popular digital businesses such s,,,, etc.

For instance, which started as an online bookstore has become a powerful-commerce platform using digital technology.

It uses digital technology to connect buyers with sellers for a business transaction. Hence another popular and recent example is Uber which uses digital technology for transportation.

Benefits of Digitals Business in Marketing

In order to answer these digital business benefits, there are many benefits of transforming a business into a digital business which include improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

It also enhances productivity and lowered operational costs.

Hence, below are the full benefits of transforming your business into a digital business for effective business development.

1. Enhances Productivity

Digital business enhances productivity by automating manual processes of production. For instance, when integrating digital technology into your business helps to automate a sector into the digital sector in your industry.

Therefore this reduces the labor to a minimum or zero manual labor that works in that particular sector because almost everything will be done digitally for maximum productivity.

Also, there will be minimal mistakes and the production processes will be faster.

2. Lower Operational Costs

The major goal of every business is to maximize profit by saving time and money.

Digital business processes save time and energy because the manual processes and tasks of doing business are extremely time-consuming and also slower than the digital means of business.

In addition, the payments of labor which would involve a lot of money will be lower either on a monthly or hourly basis to reduce the costs of operation.

The major interesting fact about integrating digitalization into a business is that it can save your business up to 90% of operational costs your company.

It is also proven that inefficient processes can cost a company 25% of its revenue. Most especially when the processes are done manually, these might cost a higher chance of mistakes.

Therefore, digitalization is more efficient and less expensive during the cost of operation of a business than the manual means of processes.

3. High Quality and Consistency

One of the major advantages of digital business is that it guarantees high-quality outputs if the operations are made consistently.

Let’s say, for instance, integrating digitalization into a customer service sector will provide high-quality information and support for consumers in that sector.

4. Governance and Reliability

Digital business is very reliable, which provides consistent effort to the automated sector of the industry, enabling the consumer to rely on them.

It also helps in the running of your business, giving reliable procedures and methods to the clients and users of those services in that sector.

5. Better Decision Making

The information obtained from a digital business helps in better decision-making when the information is analyzed by information management and digitalization as they work very close together.

This helps in transforming the information into knowledge, thus this knowledge helps in better decisions making.

What is Digital Marketing?

According to Mailchimp, Digital Marketing digital marketing is any marketing that involves the use of electronic devices by the marketing specialist to convey a promotional message to its target audience and also its marketing impacts through the customer journey.

This promotional message can be in form of online video, search engine marketing, display ads, social media paid ads and social media posts that appear on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and other electronic devices.

Digital marketing role in Business development

The role of digital marketing in business development is really important for business development, Digital marketing plays a vital role in the benefits of business development through a viable digital marketing manager to grow and develop your business.

What Does a Digital Marketer do exactly for business?

The major role of a digital marketing manager for the benefit of a business is to find out more about the brand in the digital space.

The following is the role of digital marketing in business development through the digital marketing manager of a brand.

1. Execution of a Digital Marketing Campaign

A digital marketing manager is the responsible business development of a company by implementing, managing, and executing every digital marketing campaign to promote a company, products, and services.

2. He creates and implements brand awareness

This plays a vital role in the business development and marketing of a company by managing all marketing campaigns to create brand awareness in order to promote company products and services.

Digital marketing manager/Executives also uses some digital channels like Facebook ads to drive traffic to the company website to acquire leads and customers.

3. Identifying brand new Digital Strategy

A digital Marketing Manager also helps a brand to identify new strategies and evaluate new digital

technologies by using web analytics tools like google analytics.

He measures the amount of traffic so as to optimize digital marketing Campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, social media campaigns, and display advertising.

4. He creates a content strategy for the brand

The digital marketing manager is also responsible for content strategy along with the design of a website and its functionality.

A digital marketing manager/Executive creates and implements website content through an effective content marketing strategy.

This help to make sure the goals and objectives of the company are met along with the brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Along with the design and functionality of a website, a digital marketer is also responsible for the website content.

He helps the brand create and implement an effective content strategy to make sure online the objective is achieved within a specific target period.

A digital marketing manager helps to benefit the business with an effective digital marketing strategy for carrying out the following campaigns and content for effective business development in digital marketing.

5. Helps publish website content for the brand

He helps to publish blogs for the website, advertises, and performs he carried out SEO and SEM campaigns through pay-per-click advertising platforms like Google ads, social media advertising through Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, etc.

6. Digital marketing manager offers free and educational for the brand’s prospective audiences

He/she offers free educational resources or materials for the brands, and prospective customers through ebooks, blogs, and organizing webinars to inform the about new products and services.

He also creates online contests or giveaways, and podcasts for the audiences.

7. He manages and creates an effective email marketing campaign

Digital marketing managers also create an effective email marketing campaign to ensure that the website content reaches the target audience easily.

It ensures an easily optimized website structure and content for search engines using paid advertising platform along with the email marketing campaign for the purpose of driving traffic to the website.

8. He manages the E-commerce activities of the brand

For eCommerce, a digital marketer is assigned the responsibility of converting online website visitors into sales. In order to achieve this goal he ensures an easy online shopping experience for online visitors.

9. He helps in Managing social media channels

Digital marketing managers play a vital role in business development by managing the online presence of the brand using social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google my business, etc.

He helps the business to keep its target audience engaged with the brand by updating them about the current happening of the brand and to make them aware of any upcoming deals of the company.

10. He develops and builds the brand image of the company

With digital marketing manager of a brand, it helps to build and develop the brand image of the company.

Hence he ensures a strong online presence through regular blog posts on the website, social media, email broadcasts, and other online social forums and gatherings like Quora and Reddit.

11. He analyzes and measures the campaign metrics

Digital marketing is also responsible for the business development of a brand taking awareness of the company’s digital Metrics.

He/she relies on a multitude of tools in order to measure the metrics of digital marketing campaigns when users actually visit your website through social media, landing pages, email campaigns, google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

He analyzes the correct metrics and requirements of your from the starting points to the end for effective business development of the brand.

12. He/She keeps tracking the sales funnels

The major goal of any business is to make of its products and services, and digital marketing plays a vital role in the success of business development.

It helps the business to keep track of sales funnels through the digital marketing manager to drive in leads into the website funnels for the purpose of making sales. Analytics is very essential as it helps in assessing how clients are corporating with your brand to improve your brand’s online presence effectively.

Digital marketing/business developments Job descriptions

Business development in digital marketing is essential for the success of a business as business developments can be done by an effective digital marketing business manager of a brand.

The following factor could be considered in terms of digital marketing executives’ or managers’ job descriptions before searching for a job.

The digital marketing executives’ job descriptions are a template that is usually optimized online, digital marketing manager/executive responsibilities are the roles of digital marketing in business development.

Below is the template of popular digital marketing job descriptions/responsibilities for the success of a business development

Common digital marketing job responsibilities Posted by Employers

A Successful Digital marketing manager will be responsible for

Skills and Requirements of Digital Marketing Manager/Executive

Most Frequencies Ask Questions

What are the major skills required for Business Development?

Business development managers/executives must possess leadership skills, a driven goal, vision, a good sense of communication, an entrepreneurial mindset, ability and willingness to work with a team to achieve a common goal.

What should be included in a Successful Business Plan?

A Successful business development plan or simply Business is a written plan that describes the objectives of the Business and how it to be achieved, including the goals, target milestones, the costs of the start-up, target audiences, the strategy to use, etc.

How Can I be successful as a business development manager?

In order to be successful in Business Development, you need to have a vision and a good team including others factors that will predict your success in business development.

Also, a successful business developer needs to write a successful business plan which is the blueprint on where the success of your business is built.

How to Become a digital marketer

According to research on how to become a digital marketer, below are the few steps to become a successful digital marketer
1. Get a Bachelor’s degree in marketing/communication
2. Learn the core skills of digital marketing such as Data analytical skills, content writing, Communication skills, Creativity skills, SEO, Search Engine Marketing skills, etc.
3. Apply and Practice the digital marketing skills you have learned
4. Get Courses and Certified with Bootcamp
5. Apply for your first Entry Digital Marketing Job
6. Get a master’s degree in Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing and Business development play a crucial role in successful business management, Though both sound familiar they differ in both cases for the growth of the business.

The business development manager oversees the overall growth of the business while the digital marketing manager also oversees the overall marketing and distribution of promotional messages across various digital channels.

He plans and executes marketing campaigns to drive is leads and prospects to the organization for more profit the organization.

Google, Simplilearn, udemy Linkedin, and other online courses are great places to learn more about Business Development and Digital Marketing.

Whereas,,, etc. are all great platforms to get digital marketing Jobs, including remote jobs and freelancing Jobs.

For Job opportunities in Digital Marketing and Business Development Click here to search for business development executives or digital marketing manager Job

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