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About me

Hi! Am Alex Olalekan, a Nigeria Digital Marketer, graduated from the Federal University of Technology Akure (a Federal University of Technology known as the best Federal University of Technology in Nigeria), where I obtained a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Meteorology, Having a passion and love for Digital marketing as a career,  I went further to obtain a Professional certification in Online and Digital Marketing as the NEW HORIZON COMPUTER LEARNING INSTITUTE,

I also obtained a professional certificate in web development, data and business analysis, and Interpretation from the Pan-African institute of Advance studies affiliated with the UK-AMERICAN SCHOOL OF ADVANCE STUDIES( UKASAS)  in  Nigeria. I worked as an Intern at Dattobs Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria where I gained an experience in digital marketing, graphic design, and Business.

About me Cont'd

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about all subjects related to Modern Digital Marketing, web design, graphic design, and entrepreneurship, and I provide content related to the  Digital Marketing and Advertising of goods and services of brands on my websites in the advertising and digital marketing Niche. I see huge business growth and potential in this industry. I love to have more professional skills in this field to be more creative and have an amazing digital communication approaches that will be revealed in the near future to be part of this evolutionary journey in the Digital Marketing Industry.

My Missions

—-To become a highly recognized Digital Marketing consultant by providing informative content and sharing my Opinion/ideas in the digital marketing field and also showing off my skills through Freelancing or working as an Agency to various Corporate Organizations.

—My mission is to show off my skills by providing quality services with my digital marketing skills to clients and organizations and also to provide informative content in the Digital Marketing field, web design, entrepreneurship, freelancing and motivations, and any other topics that can help me develop professionally to the targeted Audience through Affiliating Marketing & Freelancing.

Hi! Alex olalekan is a digital marketing Strategist able to manage various digital marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social media, and Email for the efficiency and growth of a brand. Motto: Excellence and Integrity

My Values

Based on my Vision, Mission, and Objectives of my Portfolio Website, My Values is to pay the PRICE  to become a highly recognized Digital Marketer which are:

PROFESSIONALISM- To show professionalism in my services and skills and also in every topic I discuss with the public.

RELIABILITY AND DEPENDABILITY-To provide genuine, reliable, and dependable content to clients and public for use.

INTEGRITY- To show integrity in my services by not compromising my standard of services and content and showing respect to the public in answering their questions.

COMMITMENT- To show a high standard of obligation to clients and services and also by providing content and posting regularly to the Audiences.

EXCELLENCE- To provide excellent customer services to my clients/customers for effective growth and development.

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My Story

This is my story and how I got started in my career in the Digital marketing industry.

My Vision

To become a highly recognized Digital Marketing consultant/strategist.


Professional certificate in Online and Digital Marketing;


Professional certificate in Web Design and Design


Professional Certificate in Customer Relationship Management


Professional Certificate in Data Analtytics and Business Interpretation c

My Services

I have a passion for the digital marketing field. I would love to contact me for the following services related to digital marketing.


Email Marketing

Email marketing can helps your brand grow your audience for your business growth.

Lead generation

Lead generation will drive successful audiences who have an interest in products and services to your Sale funnel.

search Engine Optimization

Search engine is inevetibale for any brand online for higher ranking on SERP

Search engine marketing

SEM is a way to promote and market your brand products and services through SERP for more ROI.

Content Marketing

Content marketing will gain traffic and more online reputation for your brand.

social media Marketing & Management

As social media users are increasing globally, It is meant to generate more audience for your brand.

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