13 Best Ways to Make Money money Instagram

learn how to make money on Instagram

Have you ever thought there is a way you can earn money from Instagram account either as an individual, business owner, or brand, or do you think Instagram is only meant for photo sharing and videos?

Also, Do you think earning money from an Instagram account is impossible for an Instagram user?

Let me tell you some answers to those questions. Making money on an Instagram account is 100% possible.

The first thing to do is to open an Instagram account to be eligible to make money on your Instagram account.

You might be wondering how much can I earn from an Instagram account, you can make tonnes of money in various fast ways.

Did you intend to know how to earn money using account Instagram account as a source of income, to boost your financial capacity among the many active users worldwide?

If yes, then you should read this article.


According to research on datareportal Instagram have over 1.44 billion active users in the world and 47.2% of Instagram users globally are female and 52.8% are Male.

A report by business Instagram over 90% of Instagram users use it for business, 50% of users are only interested in the brand through ads on Instagram.

While advertisers use Instagram to reach out to their potential customers for actionable insights.

It is also one of the most downloaded Apps on the google play store and Apple Store by the end of 2020.

Its active user rate is quite increasing and it is second to tik tok in download rate in 2021.

Many Instagram accounts can make over $100 million for a post and that is one reason you should learn how to earn money from your Instagram account.

“Even Mark Zuckerberg makes a comment on Instagram’s goal of being the most practical social media platform enabling Instagram users to make money onlineglobally on Instagram”.

In this article, I will tell cover some fast ways to earn money using your account, reasons you should make money, and efforts you need to put on to make money with Instagram account.

And how you can leverage them with your business to make money on Instagram account this year.

so, Let’s get started.


1. Hire an Influencer/Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the most common and rising methods of earning money, especially through Instagram accounts.

You can hire an influencer marketer and earn money by promoting your brand’s products.

One of the influencer marketing agencies is Ihm Africa which can help your brand to promote your business with their influencer marketing campaign.

Get hire an influencer who has a least about 5,000 followers is a chance of your success to earn money on your Instagram account.

Another similar method to this is that you can get paid by becoming an influencer.

You can get sign up as an influencer marketer at intellinfluence agency to become an influencer marketer to promote other brands.

To earn six figures per post as an influencer you need at least 5000 followers because of the high engagement rate.

That is how much influencers make on Instagram accounts.

once you get an offer as an influencer, you need to create photos or videos on your sponsor post, put the brand links, Hashtags, and mention the brand on your Instagram account post.

Finally, you share the content with your followers and get paid for sponsored posts to make money on your Instagram account.

Image source:katy perry

For Instant, A popular influencer katy perry an American singer, songwriter, and television personality with over 100M followers on Instagram, has a brand identity as an influencer to promote a brand.

Having a large number of followers on her Instagram account made her financially successful on Instagram with a net worth of over $330 million.

2. Make money through the Affiliate program

Promoting affiliate products or services on your Instagram account is a genuine way to earn money on Instagram by putting affiliate links on your bio with good caption descriptions.

Before you promote affiliate links on your Instagram bio, you have to join a very well-paying affiliate platform.

There are a lot of affiliate platforms you can join such as Amazon associate, ShareAsale, Clickbank, Impact, etc.

to promote affiliate products of your niche using Instagram.

You can also get affiliate links to your Instagram by joining an individual affiliate program on each company’s website.

You search on Google by typing any company name with an affiliate program to get affiliate links to offer e.g “Clickbank” +“Affiliate Program”= Clickbank Affiliate program.

After joining any of these affiliate platforms as an affiliate marketer, pick a high-commission product relevant to your niches and promote it through a clickable bio on your Instagram.

The more followers click on that link in your Instagram bio to buy the products the more commission you make.

The only place you can put a link on your Instagram is your bio or through a promo code which can be added and tracked in your posts, descriptions, and stories on Instagram.

Your followers need to visit the affiliate website by themselves to buy the products using your promo code and you get a commission for that sale.

This gives you an opportunity to make money with Instagram as an affiliate marketer.

You can also learn how to make money by creating a blog for your followers to read through Instagram to your blog posts on your website

3. As a brand Ambassador/Celebrity

Instagram is a great platform for sponsored posts and it is the most used channel for influencer marketing by most companies.

It is also the best platform for Instagram account users to find an Ambassador program.

An Ambassador is a representative of a company who advertises for the company base on a long-term contract and the probability of renewing the contract after an effective contract is over.

There are a lot of brand ambassador programs you can apply to if you have an intention of becoming a brand ambassador, and of them is through mountainlabgear ambassador program.    

As a celebrity in entertainment, sport, or whatever industry you are in, you can make money as a brand Ambassador with higher followers and engagement rates on Instagram.

The higher the number of followers you have as a celebrity the more followers you reach to promote a brand as an ambassador.

And the longer the contract to make more money on Instagram.

4. Make money with an eCommerce store on Instagram

E-commerce store has become a huge business strategy for selling physical and digital products online.

The best Social media platform used for discovering and selling products online is Instagram.

For the past few years, Instagram has become a great revenue for many online stores.

It has business features In-App Check out, product tags, and shop buttons,s, etc for convenient online shopping.

There are many tools you can use to make sales on Instagram, the two tools I love best and recommend to you are square online and Instagram Shopping.

It is advisable to have a website and integrate your Instagram account with your website but with the bits of help of those tools selling online using Instagram is very easy.

Let me show you how you can use those tools to make sales with your Instagram.

Square Online

To get started with Square Online you have to open a free account with squareup which later you can upgrade to a paid plan.

One of the benefits of this tool is that it takes Instagram post from stories, and feeds and convert it into a  website shop on your mobile.

how to earn money from Instagram

It is easy to step up into a customize domain with 3 steps

  • Integrate your Instagram account with square online
  • Ensure to tag every item you are selling in your Instagram post
  • After clicking publish to launch your website store

Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping is one of the most used Apps you can integrate into your website store to make sales on Instagram.

There are some ways you can advertise your products to your followers on Instagram through your stories, post, and the shop tab on your Instagram profile.

The main features of this Instagram shopping are that it allows the total removal of friction,

and it allows your customers to check some products in the App after clicking on the button to move into your store on your Instagram.

how to earn money from Instagram

Instagram shopping also allows you as a store owner to promote your products by tagging at

At least five pictures per post on your Instagram stories and video and you can also tag at least 20 products for each carousel.

You can make money by selling physical and digital products on Instagram using these simple tools with your Instagram.

5. Earn money with visual content

Instagram is a great social media platform for promoting visual content like photos, videos, etc, and a way of making money on Instagram.

A great way to monetize your video content on Instagram is through IGTV ads and Lives Badges.

Monetize your video using Igtv Ads

Igtv ads are a great tool created on Instagram in march 2021 for US, UK, and Australia users.

These Ads will show when you click and watch Igtv on the creator’s feed.

It is a great tool to make money with your videos on Instagram. You can find information about how Igtv ads work and create Igtv ads on instagram business.


This is an example of a video creator who uses Igtv to promote tech gadgets and tools on

Instagram bio with over 23thousand followers on Instagram.

By clicking on the blue link you move to a site where you can shop for some gadgets and tools.

Monetize your video using Live Badges

Buying badges during a live broadcast is a great way to make money on Instagram, it is a great means of showing support to your followers on Instagram.

Selecting three different levels of hearts with 3 different prices ($0.99, $1.99, and $4.99) the range makes your followers and viewers buy badges from a broadcast.

You can create your live badges on Instagram by the following setting

Step 1: Go to your professional Profile, click on dashboard, tap on “Grow your business,” and then select Badges.

Step 2: Once you are on board, go to the Lives tab on your stories and Tap on the “badges” icon

then click on the “going live icon”.

Then confirm the turning on the badges and add give your badges title before you go on live.

Image sources: officialgiosparkslive badges

6. Make money with social media services on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media platforms for providing social media services.

It has very strong potential sales for many brands to promote their products and services.

It is also the best platform to reach out to their target audiences to increase sales.

A research by businesses Instagram has more than twenty-five million businesses on the Instagram platform and over two million advertisers use Instagram for advertisement.

Most companies seek to hire professional services in social media marketing because it is in demand and the competition is growing among various brands.

As a professional is it a great strategy to use Instagram to provide social media services and make money? You can also provide different services like training, guidance and monthly support, etc.

This gives you an opportunity as an expert to find freelance gigs and make money using Instagram.

You need to set up your profile as a social media marketing Manager by 

  • creating a business account on Instagram, 
  • add a hire now button on your Instagram bio, 
  • create and build up followers to your email list, 
  • use the relevant hashtags to target your audients, 
  • provide help to your clients and provide a giveaway to get leads to
  • your email list
  • finally use geotagging for your local availability and write a catchy and
  • grabbing bio to prove
  • your skills so that clients can reach out to you.

Search for a social media marketing services manager on Instagram, and discuss your brand with them for a social media services job.

7. Leverage Instagram to find freelance clients

This is also like providing social media services in the sense that you use it to find freelance clients.

Instagram is not about sharing cute photos, it is also a great platform for social networking for freelancers since Instagram has over 1 Billion active users worldwide.

Nowadays, there are many professionals who use this Instagram platform as an online portfolio to find freelance clients.

It doesn’t matter what you are offering, whether you are an SEO expert, content writer, social media manager, web developer, graphic designer, etc.

You can find freelance clients to make money on Instagram.

You can also use a freelance platform like Fiverr to find social media clients.

Image source: Fiverr

8. Earn money by writing captions

Captions are descriptions written for a heading or title of some documents. They can also be a short explanation that is attached to an illustration, graphics, images, cartoons, or most likely user interface elements.

Instagram has been adopted by many brands to promote their products and services online. There could be a time when only big brands can afford social media services such as caption writing.

Instagram is the best social media channel for writing captions for most businesses.

This gives the main reason why 92% of many small brands and businesses were planning to invest more of their time and effort very well in social media marketing services.

While many big brands already have a specialist for writing captions for them, some

entrepreneurs also seek to hire a specialist freelancer for written captions to avoid the higher cost of social media services.

This gives you some opportunities to get higher as a freelancer using your Instagram to write captions for many clients.

You can find freelance services in captions writing from many online workplaces like freelancer, Upwork, etc. You might be willing to get a full-time job offer as a captions writer.

To do this you need to make your application stand out from your competition by showing your social media marketing captions writing portfolio.

You need to make your Instagram page look more attractive and creative so that your potential clients might be able to get in touch with you to write captions for them.

9. Creating Instagram stories and filters

There is a lot of competition among many social media channels in terms of creating video content.

Most especially in 2016 when Instagram has to copy Snapchat in producing a short video format called stories.

Over 500 million create and watch stories on Instagram and the popularity of this content format was unpredictable when Instagram started creating stories.

Here are the step to create stories and filters

  • Go to your Instagram stories and click on the camera to record videos.
  • At the bottom of the stories, check on the various filter options.
  • Click on some of the filters and try them out.
  • When you see the filter of your choice, take a video or photo with some o filters.
  • Those filters can work on Instagram
  • Live if you wish to do it on your Livestream video.

This content type only existed for only 24 hours and it is engaging. This gives many brands more opportunities to reach out to their target Audiences.

More like writing captions, many big brands have a specialist for creating Instagram stories while some small brands reach out to a specialist to create stories for them.

And if you are someone who loves creativity, Spark AR studio creates AR Filter stories for Instagram, which made you a stream of income on Instagram.

10. Make money as a coach on Instagram

You can make money on Instagram if you are an expert in something on Instagram with a large following. The best way to make money on Instagram is to teach others on Instagram how to do the same.

That is your work as a coach, teach others what you are doing and make sure you provide them with a step-by-step method to practice so that your audience becomes experts like you.

image source: Shallwesocial,

Shallwesocial is an Instagram coach who teaches how to create Instagram canvas templates for her target audiences on Instagram.

She put a link to her website where her followers and audiences can reach out to her on her website. 

She also teaches some mini-course on a reel, how you can grow your business on Instagram, she offers Instagram courses and coaching on how to use Instagram, and some other Instagram courses.

You can also become an Instagram coach like her to make money on Instagram. As a coach, you can teach your audience on Instagram how to build followers,

how to build engagement with their followers, and create stories, memes, social media services, tutorials services like youtube, etc.

You can provide those services as a coach and make a lot of money with it on Instagram.

11. Teach the Audience to make money with info-products

If there are other things you think you can’t make money with on Instagram than affiliate marketing or selling physical products through an online store or use on Instagram, that might be a wrong thought.

There is another way to make money without any inventory on Instagram and one of them is through selling info products.

You can teach your audience how to make info products and charge them fees for teaching them.

The best way you can make money with info products is through your audience,

when your Instagram account is teaching interesting things like how to do something like tutorials, learning foreign languages, making crafts with wood, learning yoga, etc.

You can get paid for the info product and charge it from $100 upward to your audience and make money on Instagram.

There are a lot of people on Instagram who do it to make money these days.

12. Make money through brand Advertisements

As an Instagrammer, one of the ways to make use of your Instagram is by advertising your brand on your business Instagram account using Instagram ads.

You can also do this by advertising other brands on Instagram to make money. You don’t need to have a direct business in your Instagram account to generate high sales using this platform.

There are over thousands of brands that engage with their followers using different businesses to earn money with Instagram.

One benefit of using Instagram ads is that it is good for selling physical products no matter the type of business you are involved in.

It is a powerful platform for the advertisement of brands to make sales and traffic.

The major tool you can use on Instagram ads is the use of Hashtags. Hashtags are used to increase the reach of advertisements on your Instagram to be seen by more audiences.

The more followers you have on your Instagram will determine how more your post will be seen by your audience. And the more people will engage with your business or other brands you are promoting, the more money you make.

13. Make money as a writer (content creator/blogger)

There are many ways how to make money on Instagram by writing such as content writing, blogging, and captions writing to make money on Instagram.

There are some steps in creating a blog in other to become an effective writer.

Writing is one of the major ways to make money online with social media channels, most important Instagram.

Though it is meant for sharing photos, it has to adopt the concept of writing to make money.

Books and storytellers are making use of Instagram to make money by writing. With the potential of Instagram of selling and generating revenue for their brand.

You can get in touch for more strategies on how to be a good writer if you like to write and make use of Instagram.

The major thing you need to do is to learn how to write effective content and money make on Instagram by writing.

There are some tips you can use  and consider for effective writing on Instagram to earn money, which are;

Tips to Earn Money from Instagram Account by Writing

  • Determine your target audience who is interested in your writing
  • Write and share your experiences with your audience
  • Post-quality content when writing
  • Stay on relevant trends on Instagram to improve your writing skills
  • Narrate a story with your followers to engage them
  • Create valuable and promotional content when writing to your audiences
  • Host an Instagram contest  in writing when posting
  • Establish some marketing strategy for your writing
  • Add necessary quotes to your contests
  • Take note of user-generated contests when writing
  • Educate your audience about some characters in your writing
  • Take nice photos in a good environment
  • Make use of Instagram lives with your writing
  • Write a catchy bio on your Instagram profile
  • Take and value Hashtag seriously with your writing
  • Get in touch with other writers to learn more
  • Use analytics and paid ads to check your content
  • Make use of the above tips and strategies to improve your writing skills and make more money on Instagram as a writer.


There are some basic things you should always do to earn money using an Instagram account. How you make money on Instagram will depend on some of the strategists you leverage to make money using Instagram.

1. Earn money with your followers

The number of followers you have is the number one success of how you can earn money on Instagram. There is no fixed value of followers to make money through Instagram.

How you make money on Instagram varies. You can make money on Instagram with at least 500 followers if you target the right audiences. The higher your followers the greater the chance of money you make through Instagram.

You can leverage these following tips below to grow your followers on Instagram.

Tip to grow your followers on Instagram

  • Create an Instagram account- if you haven’t opened an Instagram account
  • you need to do so now.
  • Write a beautiful and catchy bio about yourself or your business
  • Post very well
  • Build trust with your followers
  • Follow others followers in your niche
  • Response to comments, replies, and messages with your followers on Instagram
  • Post quality and relevant content every day
  • Engage with your followers

2. Posting ads on Instagram

The best way to earn money on Instagram is to make use of the power of Instagram ads.

Advertise your products and services using Instagram ads give you opportunities to reach out to more customers, who are interested and ready to patronize you and give you more sales, so making more money in returns.

3. Make money on Instagram through reels

Reels is one of the most  Instagram pages posting videos. You can make use of reels to post quality video content on your Instagram.

Using reels to promote your products or brand is a sure way to build up your followers who have an interest in your brand and products, thus, generating more money using Instagram.

4. Make money by uploading Photos on your Instagram account

Uploading quality and eye catchy photos/graphics images as a means of advertising is one of the ways to get the attention of your followers, who have an interest to get in touch with you.

Thus giving you a way to earn money from Instagram.

6. Make Money by creating Instagram Account page

You can monetize your Instagram account if you have huge followers on Instagram.

This gives you more chances to have followers who are ready to buy your Instagram account.

You can earn money by creating an Instagram account page for your business, growing your followers, publishing quality content, and engaging with your followers.

You can monetize your Instagram account by selling the account page to your interested followers. Through this means, you can make money on your Instagram account.

7. Earn money by going live on your Instagram account

The most beautiful thing about Instagram is that you can be on live video, where most of your followers can see you live and speak to you on Instagram.

Alert your followers that you will be on a live stream on Instagram for particular subjects

either to talk about products, services, or anything to get their interest to join you live on Instagram.

leverage this to advertise your products or services, create awareness among your followers,

and thereby enhance your chance to make money through Instagram.

8. Reposting on Instagram

Your long-time post can be reposted to your followers, tell them this post was already posted.

This gives you a chance to give your followers information about services/brands, this gives you more chances to earn money on Instagram.

9. Make money on your Instagram account through engagements

The higher your views, likes, and comments on your posts on Instagram. The more chance that your followers will have an interest in your post to buy products from your brand.

Always make sure you reply to their comments and give them feedback on time.

By doing this you are building up your online reputation/relationship with your followers.

They will trust you and your brand if they didn’t take action at that moment. There is the assurance they will buy from you in the future.

Thus, this gives you the opportunity to make money on Instagram.


There are some needful things you should put into consideration before you decide to earn money from Instagram.

These are important because it determines your success story on Instagram and you need to

take them seriously with business on Instagram.

These factors are the number of reach to your target audience with influence on them, and

how far you are engaging with your audiences to influence them.

So, let’s discuss them in detail.


Your success on Instagram will be measured by how you can reach and influence your audience. And that is the reason you should focus more on reaching many audiences to make money on Instagram.

The major purpose why many brands are seeking for influencers to promote them is because of the exposure they will get.

And this makes them famous and makes more sales through the influencer’s followers.

You don’t need to be surprised how many brands are more interested in influencers with large followers. Because they know that the higher the number of followers the influencers have, the more money they will generate.

If your followers are few that means your target audience is low than the lower your

potential audience to see your posts, which will then drive in little sales to your brand.

That factor that drives the little sale is determined to be the reach i.e. the higher/lower your followers on your Instagram, which you are able to reach out to or who are able to see your post.

To make much money on Instagram you will need at least thousands of followers before you decide to make money using Instagram.


Yet, The probability of more followers you have on your Instagram will increase your reach in many Instagram feeds.

But having high followers is not only enough and it doesn’t mean you will have a higher engagement rate, sometimes it may lead you to have a low count of reach.

If nobody is responding to your posts then there is a probability that there won’t be enough response to anything you are promoting to them.

When you rarely have people on your Instagram to follow, like, and share your posts or

what you are promoting but you have big followers on your Instagram, it will result in no sales and you will make no money for that period.

Let us consider it also this way if you have a  least 1,000 followers on your Instagram and they always engage with your posts on Instagram.

There is a probability that you will make more money with your Instagram.

That is the reason some brands will like to invest in active and engaging Instagram users that will drive more traffic to their brand through the influencer’s followers.

That tells you the power of engagement that is very important, your followers must engage with your post to make more money on Instagram.


The rate of active users who make money on Instagram yearly is enough to convince you

that you too can start making money with Instagram by first taking action on various tips

to make money on Instagram.

1. Open an Instagram business account

The first step to take make money on Instagram on your Instagram account is to open businessaccount on Instagram, not an account but a professional one.

It is free to open an Instagram account for your business.

2. Decide on a niche

Finding a niche is very important for your business, not everyone on Instagram can be your audience, so research a specific niche to stand out from your competition and target your specific audiences relevant to your brand.

3. Build your followers

You can’t move far on Instagram if you don’t build up your followers, the higher the number

of followers. The more audiences respond to your brand, and the more money you can make

on your Instagram account.

So take action on how you engage with your followers on Instagram.

4. Be Authentic

You need to be yourself, be transparent, and build trust with your followers on Instagram

because people love to do business with whom they know, trust, and like.

Your followers love authenticity and give valuable information and relevant content to your audiences and create value.

Instagram algorithms prefer relevant posts, so you need to post original content that is more relevant to your followers.

Let your communication be clear and easy to understand, and use the Instagram tool to build up your brand.

5. Offer excellent customer services

When you are selling physical or digital products on Instagram you need to offer excellent

service. you can use Instagram dropshipping to make money if you are starting to sell products with the online store.

The purpose of selling products on Instagram is to get conversations with your audience who love your products as well as you also love them also.

When selling online do not focus on making sales at first, it is good to always provide customer service to your customers by supporting your customers and developing a customer base with trust.

If you want your customer to have trust in your business, you need to be reliable and take good care of your customers.

6. Take Advantage of Instagram video features

The best way you can make money on  Instagram is through the mean of Instagram videos

for advertising goods and services.

This video’s features are the best way to establish a few minutes of videos with your followers on Instagram to get attention and interest in your products and services.

You can get in touch with your followers and share some videos with them to encourage them

to try out the latest products and services you are promoting and selling.

Video features like reels and stories are the effort you need to put in a place to make money and have a successful business using Instagram.

Post on reels, promote your business using Instagram live stream and build your followers, increase your engagement rate on Instagram, and upload quality videos on your Instagram stories.

Post-high-quality videos increase the likes and views of your reels and stories and reply to your comments as soon as possible to build up your online reputation.

7. Use the testimonial

The best thing that can move your audiences is the success story of others who have made a business transaction with your brand.

So if you need to make money on Instagram don’t joke with the use of testimonials.

You need to get testimonials from your customers who have to buy your products/services and ask them how the products have been of benefit to them.

You need to find some customers who are willing to give you some testimonials.

And ask them to share pictures and videos of themselves on how they a benefiting from the products they bought and also how they enjoy using such products.

That is an amazing way to convince your customers to also buy such products and enjoy the benefits of the products.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a  great tool for making sales in business.


Promoting yourself and your business on Instagram is the goal of why you open an

Instagram account, making money on Instagram regardless of the type of niche you choose.

The niche you are and the related business are what you want people to know more about it through you.

If you promote it well, it will bring more popularity to your brand and generate high returns on investments in your business.

You can make money on Instagram by promoting yourself and your business on Instagram through the followings activities;

  • Writing a descriptive bio and description of your business on Instagram
  • List out your services on your bio with some hashtags
  • Build up your followers
  • Reach out to your potentials followers
  • Post relevant content and post always
  • Engage with your followers
  • Leverage on Instagram ads
  • Use testimonial
  • Make use of Instagram video features such as reels, stories, etc.
  • Make use of Instagram lives to stream video


how much does Instagram pay for 1k followers

There is no specific payment from Instagram despite the number of followers, you have on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t pay any user money, whether you have 1k, 5k,10k followers, etc.

but you can leverage Instagram in the following ways above to make money for yourself on Instagram.

How many followers on Instagram to make money

There is no amount of followers to make money on Instagram with few followers.

You can make money on Instagram if you target the right audience on Instagram

How do you get paid on Instagram?

You can get paid on Instagram as an influencer, Ambassador, freelancer, or business owner if you use Instagram for your business.

You will get paid for the work done by your clients.

How do you make money on Instagram?

you can make money on Instagram through influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, brand Ambassador, Writer, e-commerce, teaching on Instagram, Coach, Brand advertisements, and others mentioned in this article on how to monetize Instagram

How much do influencers make?

Influencers make money based on the rate of their followers per post, to earn six figures per post as an influencer. You need at least 5000 followers because of the high engagement rate, that is how so much influencers make on Instagram.

Most successful influencer marketers make around $1 million while an average Influencer with at least 1000 followers can make up to $2.970

How many views to get paid on your Instagram account

There is no amount of views you have on Instagram to make money, you can’t pay for views

on Instagram but it can increase your engagement rate on Instagram.

How many likes on Instagram to get paid

There is no amount of likes you have on Instagram to make money, you can’t make money

for views on Instagram but it can increase your engagement rate on Instagram.

How to make money on Instagram without selling anything

There are many ways to make money on Instagram without selling anything, you can make money as an affiliate marketer.

Find freelancer clients on Instagram, be a coach on Instagram, teach others on Instagram,

become a brand ambassador, provide social media services, etc. there are a lot of ways to make money on Instagram.

How to make money on Instagram account without followers

There is no way you can make money on Instagram without followers, you must build and engage with your followers to make money, the higher your followers the greater the chance of making more money on Instagram.


In addition, there are various ways you can use Instagram for making money on Instagram, Making money on Instagram is something you shouldn’t take for granted.

It is also used by popular brands and many organizations as a means to grow and promote

their business and generate high returns on investment.

You as an individual can integrate your Instagram account with your business to make

money using Instagram.

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